Secure Code warrior helps enterprises reduce the risks and costs associated with application security by empowering developers to be the first line of defence in their organisation.

Secure Code Warrior is an online secure coding training platform that helps Developers to think and act with a security mind-set. A gamified approach to learning makes for an engaging experience and stops ‘bad’ code from entering your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) pipeline. Secure Code Warrior delivers developer-first training and tools that shifts the focus from reaction to prevention. A unique approach to training with features to maintain the engagement levels of developers through the life of the program, whilst meeting the overall security objectives of the organization through Assessments, Challenges, Metrics, Tournaments and Courses.

  • 40 + Languages & Frameworks
  • 4800 Security Challenges
  • 280+ Hours of Training Content
  • 145+ Vulnerabilities

Secure Code warrior helps enterprises reduce the risks and costs associated with application security by empowering developers to be the first line of defence in their organisation. This is achieved through Assessments, Challenges, Metrics, Tournaments and Courses all within the Secure Code Warrior platform.


Courses is a guided learning pathway made with language framework-specific modules that can be configured to level-up secure coding skills across your organisation. Courses can optionally be configured to be finished within a set timeframe or by a specific date to meet compliance and audit requirements. Each learning module is a collection of activities including video content, language framework specific coding challenges and check-point challenges, which build secure coding skills and awareness.


Tournaments allow you to run engaging events that get your developers involved and interested in secure coding. Players are presented with a series of challenges that will ask them to identify the problem, locate the insecure code, and fix the vulnerability. All challenges are based on real code examples, and are ranked from easy through to fiendishly hard! With Tournaments, kicking off your security awareness program couldn’t be more fun and engaging. It’s also the perfect way to drive awareness and promote your application security program to the rest of your organisation.

Reduce Recurring Vulnerabilities:

Level-up developer secure coding skills

  • Predefined templates focus on OWASP Top 10, Injection Flaws, Frontend, Desktop Database and Mainframe language frameworks
  • Build unique Courses to stop company-specific recurring vulnerabilities

Build a Secure Coding Culture:

Engage your team with role-specific gamified training

  • Target specific vulnerabilities with configurable learning modules
  • Mix and match vulnerability, difficulty and playing mode
  • Coding Challenges - Interactive language and framework-specific gamified exercises
  • In-built recognition and reward with badges

Help Achieve Compliance:

Empower organisational compliance

  • Powerful reporting to track and monitor training progress across your organisation
  • Set completion deadlines for auditing objectives
  • Reduce the administrative burden and keep teams on track with automated invites and reminders

In a digitally-driven world, we are at an ever-increasing risk of data theft. Creating secure software in an organisation with a poor security culture is like trying to win a marathon with a boulder chained to your ankle: virtually impossible, and unnecessarily difficult. With developer-first training and a commitment to assisting developers in their security growth, organisations can help transform their developers into their first line of defence against costly cyber attacks.

Developers are busy people, working hard to deliver to strict deadlines. To them, security can often be an inconvenience, and many lack the necessary knowledge and security education to successfully mitigate cyber risk. Organisations are quickly finding that they must employ innovative ways to engage developers in order to drive a change in culture towards a positive security posture.

Why do organisations need Secure Code Warrior:

  • Vulnerabilities in software are the fastest growing cause of data breach.
  • The lack of secure coding awareness results in vulnerabilities being introduced into software time and time again.
  • Current testing and scanning methods are disruptive and expensive because they are reactive rather than being preventative.
  • Secure coding training helps build the bridge between security and development.
  • Traditional training methods are often passive, lack engagement and result in poor knowledge retention

Secure Code Warrior (SCW) Pricing Breakdown:

  • £400 per user, per year with full access to the platform.
  • Minimum order is £10,000 or 25 users. Volume discounts are available.