“Real teams don’t emerge unless individuals on them take risks involving conflict, trust, interdependence and hard work.”
Katzenbach and Smith

A high-performance team can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, produce superior results, and extinguish radical or extreme opinions that could be damaging.

The high-performance team is regarded as tight-knit, focused on their goal and have supportive processes that will enable any team member to surmount any barriers in achieving the team's goals

Target audience

This ½ day session is suitable for anyone who wants to evaluate the methods and techniques of effective team leadership, especially those who are taking their first step into management of others and need to understand the wide range of leadership theories available to follow in order to enhance the performance and impact of their team.

Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the need to develop a high performing team
  • Explore the best of current team leadership models and theories
  • Develop your own team development toolbox
  • Discuss how team leadership varies with virtual teams
  • Interpret how leadership can be effective in the absence of positional authority

What will the course cover?

  • Tuckman’s stages of team development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Intent based leadership
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a team
  • Action Centred Leadership™ and Situational Leadership®
  • Action plan

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