Young jobseekers urged to #StepUpStandOut this summer

QA’s nine-stage online programme offers school leavers, graduates and others a lifeline in a challenging jobs market. Over 500 young job seeker already registered.

This A-level Results Day, QA has announced the launch of a ground-breaking and free initiative to help young people into work with key digital-based skills.

The #StepUpStandOut programme takes candidates through nine online stages, equipping them with in-demand, tech-savvy knowledge as they work towards their QA-certified award.

Those who sign up via the QA website can gain a competitive advantage in a particularly volatile employment landscape, throughout an expertly-curated programme:

  • Stage 1 – Welcome to #StepUpStandOut
  • Stage 2 – Workshop One: Agile and Visual Thinking (earn the Agile Badge)
  • Stage 3 – The Power of Podcasts (earn the Market Insights Badge)
  • Stage 4 – Workshop Two: Teach the Nation to Code (earn the Python Programming Badge)
  • Stage 5 – Crafting your CV (earn the First Impressions Badge)
  • Stage 6 – Hack That Job (earn the Job-Hacker Badge)
  • Stage 7 – Finding Your Own Employer cheat sheet (earn the Opening Doors Badge)
  • Stage 8 – Workshop Three: Employability Skills (earn the Employability Badge)
  • Stage 9 – Congratulations, you’ve earned your #StepUpStandOut Badge!

QA’s Director of Brand and Candidate Attraction Mary Sansom comments: “Our groundbreaking #StepUpStandOut programme offers a much-needed lifeline for young job candidates desperate to cut through the noise in a particularly congested market this summer.

"From graduates and school leavers to those looking to land their first career role, this series of carefully curated interactive workshops, panel sessions and online resources amounts to the complete package for anyone trying to sharpen their digital skill set and get noticed first by employers.”

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