QA celebrate latest government collaboration on DALAS HMRC framework

QA continues to upskill Civil Servants in tech as a provider of the HMRC's "Digital and Legacy Application Services" (DALAS) framework.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) recently transformed its expiring training contracts into a competitive tender that saw many suppliers compete within the DALAS framework. The CCS awarded only five spots for highly skilled training partners, which will see QA and four other providers reskill and upskill HMRC workers with new and in-demand digital capabilities. 

This ambitious programme will not only see HMRC teams involved in tech training, but all government departments and UK public sector bodies. QA is proud to once again be at the forefront of digital transformation at the heart of the UK government. The DALAS framework aims to decommission legacy systems while rapidly cross-training staff on new systems such as ServiceNow, Pega, and SAP. 

Public sector contract tendering has been highly competitive, with a strong focus on the quality and value a partner can bring to the governing body. Government contracts are tendered out in Lots, which are set in divisions that suppliers can bid for. QA have secured Lot 5, the final position in a short list of only five learning specialists. Lot 5 of the DALAS framework will involve Capability Pipeline Services and will approach strategically building capability alongside the technology focus of DALAS. 

QA's innovative training frameworks allow teams to adapt to changing platforms rapidly. The digital transformation agency will provide training in Agile management, leadership, and specific software and its application through intensive learning schemes. This partnership will form part of an ambitious multi-year programme that helps the HMRC, and other government bodies confidently step away from legacy systems and embrace new digital technologies. 

QA has a track record of winning competitive tenders to work with UK governing bodies. Its 2021 bid for the "Shaping our Future Together" programme saw QA sit in a centralised KPMG learning consortium, providing dedicated coaching, face-to-face and virtual learning programmes to help upskill civil servants.  

QA's multi-faceted training programmes help teams expand their knowledge of project management, Agile frameworks, Digital Productivity, Data Analytics and more. QA delivered these powerful skills to the UK government as early as 2017, when QA won over half of the 23 Lots available to manage their UK Apprenticeships Programme.  

The DALAS framework will see QA partner with the Civil Service once again to deliver its digital transformation program. QA is confident they can help internal teams upskill and adjust to the constantly changing tech landscape by upskilling HMRC's talent. This work plays a significant role in rectifying the tech skills gap in the UK, ensuring Civil Servants have confidence in their digital capabilities and can adapt to the ever-changing digital and tech landscape. 

Richard Townsend, CEO of QA comments: 

“At QA, we take pride in building customer-centric products. We have been collaborating with various departments across the UK Government for over 15 years and have plans to continue this partnership to ensure that the most in-demand tech and digital capabilities are at the heart of what they do. Staying on top of the ever-changing digital landscape is key – whether that’s embracing AI, enhancing data capabilities or even mastering the art of cyber security." 

Managing Director QA Learning Government, Toby Barnard says: 

“The UK Government have played a huge role in QA’s efforts on bringing digital and tech capabilities to the forefront. We have seen incredible success stories that have come out of the learning solutions that have been implemented into Governmental departments, such as Data Protection, DevOps, and Diversity, Inclusion & Equality training, and apprenticeships across Data, AI, Cyber, Software Engineering and Digital Marketing. At QA, we are the digital leaders in helping organisations turn challenges into growth opportunities, and we have plans to continue to collaborate with the UK Gov on combating the country’s digital skills gap for the foreseeable future.” 


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Note For Editors - About QA 

QA is a world-leading provider of digital and tech skills, enabling organisations and learners to be winners in the digital revolution. It helps clients build in-demand tech skills through a comprehensive range of training and talent solutions that blend the best of live and self-paced digital training - including training courses, reskilling bootcamps, tech apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships. It also offers over 150 undergraduate and masters’ programmes in conjunction with its university partners. 

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