Women in Tech Programme

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As the UK’s leading learning organisation we partner with over 5000 organisations to deliver learning solutions. It is through these relationships that we are able to understand the critical challenges that organisations have and assist in addressing them. This programme has been to develop to address one of those critical challenges, the imbalance of men vs. woman in technology based higher education and consequently moving into tech careers where too few women are choosing courses and qualifications in Technology.

It’s widely understood that a good gender balance within an organisation leads to a better working environment for staff, greater productivity and better resulting products and services.

To help to increase the number of potential female candidates for technology roles, one of our major clients has designed a programme specifically to overcome this challenge. This will be achieved by architecting a specific set of training courses that enable those women who would like to change direction and seek a career in technology to develop the necessary skills.

What is the purpose of the programme for our client?

  • To increase the available pool of women interested in a career as a developer from which the client can recruit
  • To provide a vehicle by which women who do not feel they have the skills to take up as a career in technology to get the additional skills required

Who are they aiming to help?

  • Women over 20 years of age who have recently completed their degree or other equivalent in a non-computer related subject
  • Women who have been in the workplace for a number of years but want to change careers and move into a role as a developer
  • Women who have taken time out of their careers to raise families or to be a carer who are looking to return to work
  • Women who have an education or career in technology but need some further experience to get them to a level that would make them more likely to be successful in the selection exercise for the Software Academy

After applying to the programme and attending a call individuals are then invited along to a Taster Day where a task is set and feedback collated. From this the ladies are offered a place (up to 18) to attend the 15 week Programme. Ladies are to provide their own laptop/mac but the client does loan them where required. Client funds the programme.

Women in Tech Programme Overview

  1. Week prior to programme starting the ladies attend an evening with the instructor and clients IT ensuring all laptops/macs have the correct software installed
  2. Week 1 is a full immersion week (Mon-Fri)
  3. 14 further weeks of one evening per week to attend ILT in the evening (7.30-9pm) at client site and one day a week logging into google hangout session (to discuss homework set, challenges etc)

Skills and learning in the programme

  1. Awareness of Technology and current trends in software development
  2. Software development – Java; Java Script; Objective C,PHP
  3. Software testing – Test Driven Development
  4. Software build and integration
  5. Secure programming
  6. Case study and available online resources
  7. Preparation for Assessment day

For more information contact your Account Manager, call 0845 757 3888 or email info@qa.com.

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