QA's Charity Partner Announced for 2018

We’re pleased to announce our Charity Partner for 2018 is Centrepoint.

We’re pleased to announce our Charity Partner for 2018 is Centrepoint. Charity is an important part of QA life, and our people up and down the country are passionate about giving back. This year will be no different – our teams are already making plans to raise as much money as possible.

William Macpherson, QA's CEO commented.

“It is great to see that Centrepoint has been voted – by actually a very clear margin - QA’s Charity of the Year. All the causes we considered were great, but I think it just underlines how much each of us has noticed the growth in homelessness in every UK city and how we’d like to see something done about it.”

Centrepoint's Director of Corporate Fundraising and CEO of End Youth Homelessness, Nicholas Connolly commented on QA's recent partnership.

"Centrepoint is extremely excited to announce our fundraising partnership with QA, one of UK’s leading training and learning providers. Both organisations are committed to creating opportunities for 16-25 year olds through providing high quality educational support and we expect this partnership to be hugely successful.”

The charity, which provides a wide range of support to thousands of young homeless people in the UK, were chosen by our people through an internal charity vote. 

Throughout 2018, we’ll put in place a number of initiatives to encourage our people to fundraise and volunteer for causes close to their hearts. We’ll also support by investing in official registration costs, charity matching and volunteering days, making sure the full effort goes straight to Centrepoint.

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