QA pledges free learning worth a quarter of a million pounds to people on furlough

QA offers free courses in much-needed skills-gap subject areas such as data, programming and cloud – all delivered via virtual classrooms – which will support the UK's future economic recovery.

Now is the time to train


14 May 2020, London: QA, a leading IT training provider, today announced it will be offering a selection of its most popular courses for free to workers on furlough. QA has pledged thousands of hours of free training with courses running on the fundamentals of coding, data and cloud computing.

Delivered via interactive virtual classrooms, the free courses last between 1 and 5 days. Launching in May, this new initiative is designed to stimulate skills growth in key technical areas during a difficult time for people, organisations and the wider economy.

Complying with the Government guidance on training furloughed workers, QA is targeting this free course initiative where it will have the most impact: small- and medium-sized organisations.

“At QA, we want to help furloughed workers use this time productively to get the latest tech skills, so they can help drive the economic recovery when they return to work” says Paul Geddes, CEO, QA. “Before Covid-19, digital skills gaps were costing the economy £6bn a year and tens of billions more in opportunity cost. This free training pledge is intended to directly address those skills gaps.”  

The digital skills covered in the free courses are among the most in demand in the UK, and will help organisations to access skills they may not have thought possible until now.

In recent weeks, technology has further embedded itself in every aspect of our lives. High-quality digital skills in people and organisations are likely to play a key part in stimulating the UK’s economic recovery and gaining a competitive advantage.  

See which courses are part of the free training scheme and enquire about it here. 

Notes to editors:

QA is the UK’s leading tech talent and training organisation. We are true specialists in technology – providing a comprehensive suite of talent and training services, helping individuals and companies to be winners in the digital revolution.

More than 270,000 people learned with QA last year. We deliver services to over 6,000 corporate clients, representing over 85% of the FTSE 250. Our London campus is the largest professional training facility for technology skills in Europe and we have 22 other state-of-the-art training sites across mainland Europe.

Our deep-rooted vendor partnerships mean that we deliver 70% of the UK’s cloud training and hold the position as Microsoft’s #2 learning partner in the world. We have a leading practice in agile and cyber security and attract some of the very best technology trainers from across the globe.




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