QA partners with Tour de France Hub 2014 Ltd. to train 10,000 Volunteers

QA selected to provide training to largest volunteer programme for the Tour de France

QA selected to provide training to largest volunteer programme for the Tour de France

LONDON - 12th July 2014: This year, QA partnered with Tour de France Hub 2014 Ltd. (the Hub) to deliver a bespoke training programme to the 10,000 Tour Maker volunteers along the Tour de France route.

The Hub is a partner of the Tour de France responsible for coordinating the UK leg of the race in liaison with local authorities along the route. 2014 was the first year to include Tour Makers, a group of 10,000 volunteers stretched along the race route who provide information and advice to spectators.

QA designed an extensive and bespoke learning programme for the Tour Makers. The programme included an introductory session to provide an understanding of the event schedule, procedures and required service levels, followed by role-specific sessions for posts such as Flag Marshalls, Route Marshalls and Crossing Marshalls. Within the programme, QA used an upbeat delivery style, provided the opportunity for one-to-one engagement sessions and helped design the event booklets to meet strict deadlines.

The 18 learning events took place over the course of five weeks, with daytime and evening deliveries on nine separate days. Each event reached up to 800 volunteers.

"With the volume of 10,000 volunteers, it was quite a complex training programme overall. QA's role was to take the subject matter from our experts and find the best way to get it across to the public," commented The Hub's Event and Training Manager, Ciara O'Grady. "Their key contribution was making the information engaging and appropriate for all adult styles. All of the feedback we got about the training was positive."

QA's Regional Sales Manager Adam Jones said, "It's been an honour and privilege for QA to be a part of the biggest volunteer programme ever associated with the Tour de France. The Hub has been a pleasure to work with to ensure we delivered an engaging, light-hearted training programme for the Tour Makers."

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