QA and Tesco join forces to close technology gap for communities in Ghana

Tesco donate Samsung mobile phones and tablets in support of QA initiative.

QA, the UK’s leading digital and tech skills training provider, has partnered with Tesco to help close the technology gap for Ghanaian communities.

Tesco’s contribution of hundreds of used mobile phones and tablets will help schools and hospitals across Ghana access vital technology to support connectivity and productivity that has a direct impact on quality of education and healthcare.

QA has been providing technical equipment in collaboration with UK charity The TRIO Bridge Foundation since 2018, when Ghanaian-born employee George Noi-Lartey started a scheme to give back to the country that helped him learn his trade before he moved to the UK.

‘The digital and technology skills gaps are a global issue,’ says George. ‘QA has been amazing in supporting my vision to provide vital IT and office equipment to organisations that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it.

‘Every year I go home to apply my skills in support of communities in need.  With The TRIO Bridge Foundation, we can equip organisations with technology and office equipment that helps them work faster and smarter – benefitting them and the people they care for.

‘We should never underestimate the power of these donations to change lives.  With Tesco’s support, we can help expand this initiative further, creating greater impact for individuals like Janet, a headteacher who previously had to travel four miles once a week just to be able to read and send her emails.’

Tesco’s donations will be delivered to organisations in Ghana in September.

If you’d like to find out more about this initiative, or how QA can help your organisation or communities you work with bridge their technology or digital skills gaps, we’d love to hear from you. Email, or call +44 (0)345 074 7995.

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