We’ve seen digital transformation accelerate in 2020, with organisations needing to transform to the latest cloud and DevOps technologies and adopting agile cultures to stay ahead. 

All organisations are going on the journey, but some have more challenges than others, often owing to the longstanding nature of their business. 

Introducing QA tech bootcamps

You may have key people who understand business systems and processes, but whose role or department needs to change due to modern tech needing different skills and roles from what you have today.

We recognise that there are times when retaining talent and business expertise is preferable to hiring or upskilling from scratch, we’ve listened and this is why we’ve developed QA tech bootcamps to help you achieve this.

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What are tech bootcamps?

In just five to fourteen weeks, your existing employees can be reskilled to a tech specialism including software development, project and programme management and DevOps, ready to go back to the workplace and hit the ground running, adding immediate value.

Our tech bootcamps are intensive programmes that can be run virtually and offered with a break partway through to ensure employees are not away from the office for a long period.

You’ll be retaining loyal employees who are familiar with your company, culture and competitive landscape, while helping to reskill individuals and close the digital skills gap.

Why choose QA tech bootcamps?

QA's digital skills bootcamps are written by our specialist industry experts, who develop learning pathways that constantly evolve to keep up to date with the latest technologies. QA's tech bootcamps are accredited by the BCS.

QA is also uniquely able to offer access to our world-leading digital learning platform, Cloud Academy, offering individuals access to over 10,000 hours of content, 1,500 certifications and the ability to practise their new skills in a secure sandboxed environment.

QA's tech bootcamps are the fastest way to reskill your teams for the modern world today, and the roles you really need for tomorrow.

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