What is Apple macOS?

macOS is the Apple operating system (OS). Apple macOS continues to cement itself as the go-to solution for businesses looking to give themselves a design, creativity and marketing edge. With hybrid and remote-working models becoming more and more prevalent, companies are adopting a BYOD (bring your own device) or choice of device solution – resulting in numerous organisations adding macOS products to their networks.

Currently, macOS makes up over 25% of the desktop OS market share in the UK. If we add iOS solutions (Apple's mobile device OS) to this too, this overall percentage of combined Apple values grows to nearly 40% [July 2021].

Your organisation may need macOS training if you need these skills:

  • Apple macOS setup and build
  • Apple macOS troubleshooting and support
  • Authentication into a corporate Microsoft Windows environment from macOS devices
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of non-standardised corporate devices
  • Remote access and connectivity of macOS devices for a remote-working solution

Why do Apple macOS training with QA?

  • We offer QA-authored content with the ability to tailor to our customer's needs.
  • We're ahead of the release curve – new macOS courses are available months before our competitors'.
  • The content is aligned with Apple certification tracks.

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Our top Apple macOS courses

macOS Big Sur Troubleshooting & Support

In-depth exploration of the latest Apple operating system, macOS Big Sur. Using a mixture of trainer-led presentations and hands-on exercises, learners will set their computers up from scratch; configure settings and explore the latest features; and learn how to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

macOS Big Sur Enterprise Troubleshooting & Support

Deep dive into how macOS integrates with corporate Microsoft environment: Ad relationships, domain join, authentication options, Apple Remote for remote management.

macOS Catalina Troubleshooting & Support combined

macOS Catalina investigation. From building the OS to AD and Windows partnerships to network configuration and troubleshooting and resolving common misconfigurations and automation.