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Unix is the oldest multi-tasking, multi-user and interactive operating system. It is mainly used on sophisticated and powerful hardware when performance, reliability, scalability and security are essential.

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QA has been developing our own UNIX courses since 1992, providing skills at all levels from introductory to advanced level courses. 

To address the complexity of UNIX, our courses guide the delegates through the process of understanding the theory of UNIX operation, pointing out variant differences, similarities and idiosyncrasies. In other words, our UNIX courses are vendor-independent and suitable for any IT professional, in any corporate environment, using any combination of UNIX servers.

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Developing and Delivering Dynamic Web Sites using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

5 Days

Multi-Vendor Advanced Unix Data Tools and Techniques

4 Days

Multi-vendor UNIX Administration

4 Days

Multi-vendor UNIX Fundamentals

4 Days

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