About this Course

Duration 2 Days

This course shows you how to design and execute marketing campaigns using SAS Customer Intelligence Studio 6.3. Specifically, you learn how to create a campaign, work with nodes to define the campaign audience, set up a communication node, assign offers to groups, and schedule and execute a campaign. The course also addresses how to create different types of subgroups when creating the target population, set up A/B tests, and work with groups having different subjects.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course. Before attending this course, you should have basic skills using Microsoft Windows and Windows-based software, and be familiar with business issues and processes for marketing campaigns.

Who should attend?

Users of SAS Marketing Automation who want to learn how to use SAS Customer Intelligence Studio to create marketing campaigns

Delegates will learn how to

  • use the SAS Customer Intelligence Studio
  • define the target groups and subgroups for a marketing campaign
  • set up holdout control groups
  • schedule and execute campaigns
  • validate selections using reports
  • manage and monitor campaigns.



  • course overview
  • SAS Marketing Automation overview

Specifying the Campaign Audience

  • creating a new campaign
  • defining the target audience
  • using cells
  • creating a calculated data item (self-study)

Executing and Evaluating Campaigns

  • choosing a communication channel
  • assigning an offer
  • scheduling and executing a campaign
  • Monitoring responses

Defining and Comparing Groups

  • creating subgroups using the Split Node
  • testing competing offers
  • prioritisation

Working with Subjects

  • introduction to subjects
  • data item-subject relationships

Reports and Custom Tasks

  • creating documents
  • creating reports using other applications
  • report linking
  • executing custom tasks

2 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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