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Duration 2 Days

This Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators training covers topics and tasks related to the administration of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g and the underlying components of the software stack within which it sits. You'll be led through an installation of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g to understand the connections between the components and how to make changes when needed.Learn To:Install Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.Familiarize oneself with the WebCenter Sites file system.Update property files.Locate and interpret log messages.Perform basic administrative tasks within the editorial user interface.Benefits to YouBy enrolling in this course, you'll get a chance to deep dive into topics related to product architecture, like important file system files and database tables. You'll also explore product support, which includes examining the support tools provided for the Content Server and interpreting of the log files. Expand your knowledge through hands-on training to keep your skills current.Live Virtual Class FormatA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Perform a full Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g and patch installation
  • Maintain users and security for the WebCenter Sites system
  • Configure and tune caching
  • Locate and interpret log file messages
  • Identify and perform day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Demonstrate common troubleshooting techniques


Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: The Basics

  • About Systems Architecture
  • Overview of WEM Framework
  • Discussing WebCenter Sites Terminology
  • Explaining Content Acquisition Process

Installing Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g

  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Installing and Configuring the Database
  • Installing and Configuring the Application Server
  • Installing WebCenter Sites
  • Post-Installation Checks

Understanding the Directory Structure and Database Schema

  • Important Sites Directories
  • System Configuration Files
  • Types of Database Tables
  • Indirect Data Storage
  • Configuring WebCenter Sites Tools and Properties

Using WebCenter Sites Tools

  • Tools that Import and Export: SitesExplorer, CatalogMover
  • Property Editor
  • WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • System Tools
  • Support Tools
  • Discussing Single Sign-on and Identity Management

Post-Install Maintenance

  • About Content Integration and Migration Tools
  • BulkLoader Utility
  • XMLPost Utility
  • Content Integration Platform (CIP)
  • WebCenter Content Connector
  • Backup/Restore Procedure
  • Upgrade Procedure

Managing Users and Security

  • Discussing Native Authentication and Authorization
  • Other Authentication Methods


  • Publishing Delivery Types
  • RealTime Publishing: How it works
  • Troubleshooting Common Publishing Issues
  • Site Capture

Configuring and Tuning Cache

  • Discussing Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Asset Caching
  • Rendering Engine Cache
  • About inCache
  • Describing Cache Management System Tools

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Functionality

  • About Search Engines
  • Discussing Site Replication
  • About Workflow
  • Discussing Revision Tracking

WebCenter Sites Community-Gadgets

  • Product Architecture
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Administrating Community-Gadgets

Administrating the WebCenter Sites Mobile Delivery Feature

  • How Device Detection Works
  • Managing Devices Using the Device Repository
  • How Device Groups and Suffixes are Used
  • How Site Plans are Used
  • Previewing Pages with Device Assets
  • Configuring Mobility Features

2 Days


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Delivery method

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