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Duration 3 Days

Oracle API Gateway 11g R2 ( is a security gateway product in Oracle Fusion Middleware product family. The product primarily provides first line of defense for SOA and Cloud environments. The course is ideal if you have a basic understanding of web application security vulnerabilities. The course will help you brush up your XML and Web Services security knowledge, teach you how to use Oracle API Gateway tools to configure policies and filter to secure, accelerate and integrate XML and Web Services. Learn To: Describe the XML-based threats to an enterprise environment. Describe web service security concepts. Describe Oracle API Gateway capabilities, architecture and components. Illustrate Oracle API Gateway deployment topology. Use Oracle API Gateway to block XML attacks and secure XML messages. Use Oracle API Gateway to accelerate XML processing. Provide an end-to-end security for SOA composites using OAG and OWSM. Secure web services. An end-to-end security solution The course will teach you how Oracle API Gateway is used together with Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Web Services Manager to provide an end-to-end security solution for SOA composite applications and web services, and how it leverages Oracle Identity and Access Management products to provide authentication and authorization.A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the XML-based threats to an enterprise environment
  • Describe web service security concepts
  • Describe OAG capabilities
  • Describe OAG architecture and components
  • Use OAG to block XML attacks
  • Use OAG to accelerate XML processing and manage traffic
  • Use OAG to secure XML messages and web services
  • Use OAG and OWSM to provide end-to-end security for SOA composites
  • Integrate OAG with Oracle Identity Management products to provide authentication and fine-grained authorization
  • Secure web services


Course Introduction

  • Course goal
  • Lesson objectives
  • Agenda for each day of lessons
  • Describing the practice environment and business scenario

Web Services Security Overview

  • Security challenges for Web Services
  • Web Services
  • Web Services security concepts
  • Transport versus message security
  • Security standards overview
  • Best practices for applying security for web services

Getting Started with Oracle API Gateway (OAG) 11g

  • Need for XML gateways
  • Oracle API Gateway as multi-layered security deployment for web services
  • Oracle API Gateway Basics
  • Oracle API Gateway Features
  • Oracle API Gateway architecture and components
  • Oracle API Gateway User Interface

Registering Web Services in OAG

  • Introduction to Policy Studio interface
  • Capabilities of registered/virtualized web services
  • Registering and testing web services in Policy Studio
  • Policies
  • Assigning policies to web services in Policy Studio

Monitoring, Logging and Tracing

  • Monitoring traffic in API Gateway Manager
  • Troubleshooting Tools

Managing Configurations

  • Describe OAG configuration structure
  • Manage a deployed configuration
  • Compare and merge API Gateway configurations
  • Import and export configuration data

Fault Handling

  • What is Fault Handling?
  • SOAP Faults
  • Default Fault Handler
  • Overriding the Default Fault Handler
  • Custom Fault Handling by using a policy
  • Example of Custom Fault Handling: Global Handler

Blocking XML Threats

  • XML Concepts
  • XML Firewalling
  • XML content schema attacks and the filters to use
  • What is throttling
  • Define rules for throttling
  • Protect REST

Accelerating XML Processing and Managing Traffic

  • Caching
  • Configuring cache settings
  • Managing Traffic

Configuring SSL

  • Encryption concepts
  • SSL basics
  • SSL support in the OAG Gateway
  • Configuring SSL settings
  • Configuring mutual SSL settings
  • Terminating an SSL connection

Securing XML Messages

  • XML signature
  • XML encryption
  • XML transformation

Securing SOA Composites with OAG and Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)

  • SOA and Web Services
  • SOA Composite Applications
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Web Services Manager

Integrating OAG with Identity and Access Management and OAuth

  • Oracle Access Management Suite
  • OAM Architecture
  • OAG-OAM Integration
  • OAG-OES Integration
  • OAuth 2.0

Cloud Security with OAG

  • Cloud Computing
  • API keys
  • Protecting and Managing API Keys

3 Days


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