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This PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features Ed 3 training offers you a high-level introduction to the major features and enhancements of PeopleSoft Financials through PeopleSoft Update Image 11. It provides information on which to base further learning when you return to your own business environment, or information that may be used for future reference.Learn About Updates To: PeopleSoft General Ledger PeopleSoft Payables PeopleSoft Billing PeopleSoft Receivables PeopleSoft Expenses PeopleSoft TreasuryPeopleSoft Asset ManagementPeopleSoft Project CostingPeopleSoft Customer ContractsPeopleSoft Commitment ControlPeopleSoft GrantsPeopleSoft PS/nVisionBenefits to YouBy taking this course, you will walk away with valuable information about updates to PeopleSoft financial applications, from the general availability of release 9.2 through PeopleSoft Update Image 11. Deepen your understanding of key features in PeopleSoft financial applications, including WorkCenters, Dashboards, Approval Workflow Extensions, Mobile functionality, Worksheet enhancements, Business Process Weaver, Data Export/Import Utility and more. Discover the new capabilities of PeopleSoft Financials, including In-Memory Real Time Bottom Line.Explore PeopleSoft Financials New FeaturesExpert instructors use lively discussions and activities to demonstrate the PeopleSoft Financials new features you use or may adopt for use in your business. Perform a partial payment unpost and repost, create a payment request, review the Perform Reconciliation feature, modify filter values for the My Work pagelet in WorkCenters and more. Deep dive into applications of new functionality, including the Business Process Weaver for Contracts processes and Embedded Help in Expenses.Please NoteCourse materials are appropriate for any customer using Release 9.0 or 9.1 PeopleSoft Applications who is interested in an upgrade to 9.2. If you have already taken the first Release 9.2 New Features course (D81179GC10), you can retake the new course to explore the features and enhancements delivered in the PeopleSoft Update Images.Live Virtual Class FormatA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Identify the new functionality in PeopleSoft Financials through PeopleSoft Update Image 11
  • Identify the new functionality in PeopleSoft Financials through PeopleSoft Update Image 11


Course Overview

PeopleSoft General Ledger New Features

  • Visibility Enhancements
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity in Finance and Accounting Operations
  • Enhanced Automation of Controls and Support for Audit and Regulatory Requirements
  • In-Memory Real-Time Bottom Line (RTBL)
  • Mobile Approvals

PeopleSoft Payables New Features

  • Simplified User Interface for Invoice Entry
  • Accounts Payable WorkCenter
  • Accounts Payable Operational Dashboard
  • Accounts Payable Operational Dashboard
  • Inactivate and Reinstate Pay Cycle
  • FMS Autopilot Extension
  • Enabled the TIN Matching Functionality by Withholding Entity
  • Supplier Onboarding

PeopleSoft Billing New Features

  • Express Bill Entry Template
  • Enhanced Integration with Payables
  • Billing Workcenter and Dashboard
  • Correcting Interface Errors for Multiple Billing Lines
  • Enhancements to Letter of Credit Process

PeopleSoft Receivables New Features

  • Enhancements to PeopleSoft Receivables Integrations
  • Enhancements to Managing Items and Customers
  • Enhancements to Entering Payments
  • Enhancements to Managing Item Maintenance
  • Enhancements to Aging Receivables
  • Enhancements to Managing Credit, Collections, and Exceptions
  • Enhancements to Interfacing with U.S. Federal Systems

PeopleSoft Expense New Features

  • Enhancements to Expense Report Entry and Approval
  • Enhancements to Time Entry and Approval
  • Enhancements to Cash Advance Entry
  • Enhancements to Cash Advance Entry
  • Expenses WorkCenter

PeopleSoft Treasury New Features

  • Cash Position and Forecasting in PeopleSoft Classic Interface
  • Cash Management in PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface
  • Treasury WorkCenter and Dashboards
  • Financial Gateway Integration with Global Payroll
  • Principal Prepayments for Deals
  • Enhancements to SEPA Payment Formats
  • Approval Framework Improvements and Extension
  • Accounting Enhancements

PeopleSoft Asset Management New Features

  • Asset Cost Adjustment Enhancement
  • Disposal Worksheet Improvements
  • Net Method Asset Revaluation Enhancement (Australia)
  • Mass Transaction Manager
  • Asset Management WorkCenter
  • Capitalization Threshold by Book Enhancement
  • U.S. Federal Asset Accounting
  • Lease Accounting

PeopleSoft Project Costing New Features

  • Project Summarization
  • Rounding and Accelerated Processing for Funds Distribution
  • Flexible Rate Sets
  • Rate Plan Pricing
  • Variance Pricing
  • Simplified Capture of Project Costs and Revenue
  • Revenue Recognition with Contracts
  • Projects WorkCenter

PeopleSoft Customer Contracts New Features

  • Contracts Workbench
  • Processing Order Template
  • Contracts WorkCenter
  • Contracts to Cash Business Flow Enabled by BPW
  • Transition to the New Revenue Accounting Standard
  • Supplemental Data
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements

PeopleSoft Commitment Control New Features

  • Approval Workflow for Commitment Control Budget Journals
  • Purchase Order Rollover Improvements

PeopleSoft Grants New Features

  • PeopleSoft Grants New Features
  • Grants WorkCenter
  • Grants Portal Enhancements
  • Award Generation Enhancements
  • Facilities Administrative Processing Enhancement
  • Award Terms and Conditions Enhancement
  • Supplemental Data for Award and Project Components
  • Miscellaneous Grants Enhancements

PeopleSoft PS/nVision New Features

  • PeopleSoft nVision Enhancements

General Ledger Activities

  • Viewing Projected Balance Information
  • Using the General Ledger WorkCenter and Dashboard
  • Reviewing the Perform Reconciliation Feature
  • Mass General Ledger Journal Approval
  • Deleting a Journal Using Logical Delete

Deleting a Journal Using Logical Delete

  • Accounts Payable WorkCenter
  • Accounts Payable Operational Dashboard
  • Simplified User Interface for Invoice Entry
  • SpeedChart Default from Supplier
  • Create a Payment Request

Billing Activities

  • Billing Express Bill Template
  • Modifying the My Work Pagelet
  • Modifying the Links Pagelet
  • (Optional) Modifying the Queries Pagelet
  • Modifying Filter Values for the My Work Pagelet
  • Modifying Personalizations for the Links Pagelet
  • (Optional) Modifying the Queries Pagelet

Receivables Activities

  • Accounts Receivable Customer Hierarchy Chart
  • Accounts Receivable Collections Workbench
  • Accounts Receivable Customer Conversations
  • Receivables WorkCenter
  • Accounts Receivable Maintenance Worksheet
  • Absolute Value Sort on the Maintenance Worksheet
  • Accounts Receivable to Project Costing Integration
  • Partially Unposting a Payment

Expenses Activities

  • Entering an Expense Report
  • Printing, Submitting, and Withdrawing an Expense Report
  • Adding Attachments to an Expense Report
  • Viewing Analytics and Notes on an Expense Report
  • Certify and Submit an Expense Report

Asset Management Activities

  • Adding Multiple Cost Adjustment Rows for an Asset
  • Retiring Assets Using the Disposal Worksheet
  • Retiring Assets Using the Disposal Worksheet
  • Printable View of an Asset
  • Dynamic Bonus Depreciation

Project Costing Activities

  • Projects WorkCenter
  • Reviewing the Manager Transaction

Customer Contracts Activities

  • Contracts Workbench and Template
  • Contracts Processing Order Template
  • Contracts WorkCenter

Commitment Control Activities

  • Approval Workflow for Commitment Control Budget Journals

4 Days


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