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Duration 4 Days

The McAfee University Host Intrusion Prevention Essentials course provides attendees with in‐depth training on the full benefits of the host intrusion prevention capabilities included in the McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint solution. Enabling administrators to fully understand the capabilities of their security solution not only reduces the risks of misconfiguration but also ensures that an organization gets the maximum protection from their installation.

Key Advantages

Improved ROI:

  • McAfee Training Courses allow customers to get more from their products faster.
  • Fully understanding a product enables optimal configuration, allowing maximum protection to an organization
  • Quicker migration to reduces time spent paying for legacy solutions
  • Administrators can become more efficient, enabling them to spend less time managing the day‐to‐day infrastructure tasks

Reduce risk:

When deploying any new product, there is the risk of disrupting business continuity. Providing training to administrators can significantly reduce the risk of misconfiguration. The impact could be:

  • Reduced system security
  • System downtime, impacting productivity and revenue
  • System performance issues, including reduced resilience and scalability
  • Delays and additional costs in implementing

McAfee Education provides instructor‐led training proving classroom and practical hands‐on exercises to ensure that administrators can understand and successfully deploy McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, included with McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint.

McAfee Host intrusion Prevention provides zero‐day protection for many operating system and application vulnerabilities and reduces the overhead of patch management. It also allows laptops that are connected to your company network to get the same enhanced level of security, no matter where they are—hotel rooms, airport lounges, or home offices.

Investing in planning and deployment reduces the risks associated with misconfiguring security products and also ensures that you get the most out of these advanced features.

The cost and risk of system downtime is not easy to quantify, but it can be significant, especially if a company depends on its IT infrastructure to create revenue. A misconfigured security product can result in reduced protection, increasing the vulnerability to attack and impacting system performance.


It is recommended that students complete the McAfee Education ePolicy Orchestrator Essentials course before taking Host Intrusion Prevention Essentials. Students should have a working knowledge of Windows administration and system administration concepts, a basic understanding of computer security concepts, and a working knowledge of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course attendees should understand the benefits of host intrusion prevention and be capable of Installing and configuring a McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention solution using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®.


Day One

  • Overview of host intrusion prevention and host intrusion detection
  • Overview of vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Day in the life of a laptop
  • Installation of McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Integration of Host Intrusion Prevention with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
  • Host Intrusion Prevention Windows client requirements and capabilities

Day Two

  • Host Intrusion Prevention preset policies
  • Configuring and enforcing Host Intrusion Prevention policies
  • Creation of trusted application policies
  • Creating Host Intrusion Prevention exception policies
  • Understanding adaptive mode policies

Day Three

  • Configuration of desktop firewall learn and adaptive modes
  • Desktop firewall quarantine configuration
  • Setup of learn and adaptive application bocking

Day Four

  • Deployment and requirements of Host Intrusion Prevention on Sun Solaris client
  • Deployment and requirements of Host Intrusion Prevention on Linux client
  • Host Intrusion Prevention tasks and reporting
  • Policy tuning

All topics are supported by hands on exercises specifically designed to increase knowledge retention. Classroom exercises provide hands on experience needed to install, configure, and manage the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention solution.

4 Days


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Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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