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Check Point is a worldwide leader in end-to-end network security solutions for enterprise security management.

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Check Point products provide customers’ uncompromised protection against all types of threats and enables organisations to achieve maximum security effectiveness, while reducing security complexity and lowering ownership costs.

QA courses cover Security Administration, Engineering, Endpoint and Multi-domain Security.

Managing security policy changes with R80.10

When new services are introduced and your security policy needs to be adjusted accordingly, what tools will you be using? R80.10 makes it easier to implement changes. The “Where Used” and “Replace” tools will help security administrators manage these changes quickly and efficiently.

Continuing policy work-in-progress with R80.10 Session Take Over

R80.10 enables security administrators to work on the same policy at the same time. But what happens if a project needs to be finished and the security administrator is not available to do so? R80.10 Session Take Over feature allows for other security administrators to finish the work already.

Check Point training courses

Check Point Advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems (AIPS)

2 Days

Check Point Endpoint Security E80

3 Days

Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension R77

5 Days

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