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Course type Essentials
Course code QAAPPLESEC
Duration 2 Days

This two day course will cover the skills necessary to secure OS X and iOS devices (Macs, iPhones and iPads).

The course is a mixture of theory and hands on and will cover both Apple and third party tools. You will learn how to secure the Mac, iPad and iPhone manually as well as creating payloads to automatically secure these systems.


Delegates attending this course should have attended the OS X Essentials 101 and Windows AD integration courses they should also be comfortable using command line tools.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Plan for security along with a threat overview.

  • Learn about OS X and iOS security layers.

  • The layers of security include integrated features, methods and functions that prevent unauthorised use of OS X and iOS devices.

  • Learn how to apply security management with an MDM system.

  • Apply certificates within an integrated Window ADCS environment.

  • Understand the features and functions of OS X and iOS in order to implement the right level of security on a Mac and iPad or iPhone.


Lesson 1 - Security overview

In this lesson we look at security today as this is an ever changing landscape. We cover an overview of the security architecture in OS X and iOS we also look at Apple updates and how to access and check security updates.

Lesson 2 - Security Planning

Understanding your security needs comes from planning and threat analysis, we look at how you can tackle this and create a threat model.

Lesson 3 - OS X Security Architecture

In this lesson we take a detailed look at the layered security structure of OS X. Secure boot and lock down capabilities, how to examine and configure POSIX and ACL permissions, Managing Keychains and the authorisation database.

Lesson 4 - Data Security

This lesson looks at encryption. Creating encrypted disk images and encrypted files.

Enabling disk encryption and the options for managing FileVault in different environments, capturing and managing recovery keys, using master keys.

Encrypted backups with Time Machine.

Securely erasing data and remotely wiping a Mac.

Privacy an location data.

Lesson 5 - OS X Firewalls

OS X has three built-in firewalls the Application Firewall, ipfw and pf. This lesson takes you through the use and configuration of these.

Lesson 6 - Secure Network Protocols

SSL/TLS certificates, VPN, 802.1x, ssh, scp, sftp. There are many ways to securly send and receive data over a network, in this lesson we look at making sure the Mac is configured securely and how to reduce the risks. Secure configuration of Bonjour, use and management of AirDrop and FileSharing.

Lesson 7 - Web and email security

Safari security options, virus protection, Xprotect. Email security, S/MIME. This lesson covers connecting to the web securely, signing and encrypting communications.

Lesson 8 - iOS System Security

Understanding the Secure boot chain and System software authorisation, How Touch ID works.

Lesson 9 - Encryption and Data Protection

In this lesson we look at Hardware encryption, File Data Protection, Passcodes, Data Protection classes, Keychain Data Protection, Access to Safari saved passwords and Keybags

Lesson 10 - App Security

Understanding code signing and runtime process security, how extensions provide more accessibility and functionality without compromising security. App groups and data protection in apps.

Lesson 11 - Network Security

How iOS differs from OS X when implementing network security. SSL/TLS, VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Single Sign-on and AirDrop

Lesson 12 - Internet Services

Understanding Apple IDs and whats new, Apple services (iCloud - iMessage - FaceTime) Continuity, Handoff and Synchronisation

Lesson 13 - Device Security

Passcodes, The pairing model How to enforce Configuration, Apple Configurator Device Restrictions Supervised-only restrictions Remote wipe Find My iPhone and Activation Lock Mbile device management (MDM) and Device Enrollment Program


2 Days


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