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First Look at Java SE: Exploiting modularity and other new features

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Java SE 9 is the latest major update to Java and is based on the concept of Modules. Java SE 9 incorporates Project Jigsaw. Previous versions of Java needed the entire JRE to be installed. Now it is possible to package your applications as a Java module, or set of modules, which contain only the components needed to run the application. Java applications can now be lightweight and used in situations where the entire JRE is not needed because of memory constraints or where enhanced security is required.

Date: Wednesday 28th March 2018

Duration: 12:30 - 13:15

Cost: FREE

Target audience

Java developers moving to SE9 from earlier releases. In particular, SE8, and SE7.

What delegates will learn

This webinar provides a ‘First Look’ overview of the new Java module system and other new features, including JShell, convenience methods, new techniques for working with streams, and managing deprecated APIs. Modularity was introduced in Java SE 9, so the approach to modular application development taught will be applicable to developers moving to SE 9 or other imminent releases. The webinar will outline:

  • Design applications to take advantage of the module system and its more reliable configuration; improved security and performance, and more easily scalable applications.
  • Migration of existing applications to a modular applications in a step-by-step manner, choosing which parts of the application to migrate first.
  • Dealing with common problems encountered in migrating an application, including, cyclic dependencies and split packages.
  • Usinbg services to make modularized applications more robust and easily extensible.
  • Creating multi-release JAR files that can be run on different Java releases.
  • Using convenience methods to reduce code that seems verbose, inefficient or boilerplate, and increase readability.
  • Using JShell to quickly run small code experiments and test new APIs

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