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Course type Essentials
Course code DWVL2
Duration 1 Day

This course will provide you with skills that will help you manage some of the advanced tasks available in Windows Vista. In this course, you will familiarise yourself with advanced customisation techniques and work with applications and programs in Windows Vista. In addition to this, you will also work with Internet Explorer 7.0, manage network communications and data, and enhance system performance.

This course is the second and last in the series of Microsoft Windows Vista courses. You will work with Microsoft Windows Vista to perform advanced tasks.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for any knowledgeable worker or business professional with entry-level Windows Vista skills who needs to use more advanced Windows Vista networking, customisation, and file-management features in the business environment.


  • Understand computer hardware and software
  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Work with Windows - minimise, maximise, open and close
  • Navigate and customise the Windows desktop
  • Use common Vista tools and programs
  • Manage files and folders
  • Browse the Internet

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Customise the Windows Vista environment.
  • Work with Windows Vista applications.
  • Work with Internet Explorer 7.0.
  • Manage network communication and sharing.
  • Back up and restore files and folders.
  • Enhance system performance using technologies available in Windows Vista.


Lesson 1: Customising the Windows Vista Environment

  • Topic 1A: Apply a Theme or Colour Scheme
  • Topic 1B: Implement Windows Aero
  • Topic 1C: Modify the Display Settings
  • Topic 1D: Modify Device Settings

Lesson 2: Working with Windows Vista Applications

  • Topic 2A: Manage Contact Information Using Windows Contacts
  • Topic 2B: Manage Appointments and Tasks Using Windows Calendar
  • Topic 2C: Schedule Applications
  • Topic 2D: Use the Snipping Tool to Capture Screens
  • Topic 2E: Manage Pictures Using Windows Photo Gallery

Lesson 3: Working with Internet Explorer 7.0

  • Topic 3A: Manage Web Pages Using Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Topic 3B: Manage RSS Feeds
  • Topic 3C: Search the Web
  • Topic 3D: Configure the Basic Internet Explorer Privacy Settings

Lesson 4: Managing Network Communications and Sharing

  • Topic 4A: An Overview of Networks
  • Topic 4B: Access Network Resources
  • Topic 4C: Share Files and Folders
  • Topic 4D: Access Offline Files
  • Topic 4E: Synchronise Data Using Sync Centre
  • Topic 4F: Collaborate Using Windows Meeting Space

Lesson 5: Backing Up and Restoring Data

  • Topic 5A: Back Up Your Data
  • Topic 5B: Restore Data

Lesson 6: Enhancing System Performance

  • Topic 6A: View System Information
  • Topic 6B: Optimise Power Consumption
  • Topic 6C: Improve the System Performance with ReadyBoost

1 Day

Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems
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