ITIL and IT Service Management training from QA

The benefits of ITIL® service management training

Today’s business environment is tough, especially for those delivering IT services. People expect IT to work all the time, and, if it fails, to be fixed instantly.

At a glance

Today’s business environment is challenging, especially for those delivering IT services. Organisations are heavily dependent upon these services which are the enabler of the business processes. There are more exacting demands from customers with the pressure to deliver high quality services and support diverse set of technologies. The way through this, and to become one of a growing number of organisations that does provide effective, efficient IT services for a highly competitive cost, is to adopt a proven IT service management framework. 

ITIL - a proven IT service management success story

ITIL has been proven over twenty years in some of the most demanding IT service environments - from government and public sector organisations to some of the world's leading private companies. ITIL provides a dependable IT service management framework that can help organisations achieve what seems impossible: better service, at lower costs.

ITIL's key capabilities

  • Supporting business outcomes
  • Enabling business change
  • Managing risk in line with business needs
  • Optimising customer experience
  • Showing value for money
  • Delivering continual improvement

The key benefits of ITIL are outlined below:

  • Minimise service disruption: By using ITIL processes, businesses can develop effective workarounds, investigate and eliminate root causes and prevent incidents from reoccurring
  • Benchmark services and maximise return on investment: ITIL processes can help map customer requirements against investment required to build and deliver services at the right cost and quality
  • Enabling business change
  • Work in a cost effective way
  • Demonstrate business focus by taking a customer-centric approach to service management
  • Build trust within the business by understanding and aligning stakeholder goals, objectives and incentives
  • Change business culture to support continual improvement activities

Can ITIL really help to reduce costs?

According to research, when properly implemented ITIL can significantly reduce the cost of the provision of IT services and support. 

For example, according to a research study carried out in 2008 by Glomark-Governan, implementing ITIL can:

  • Reduce Helpdesk calls by between 8% and 14%
  • Reduce overall IT support costs by between 16% and 32%
  • Reduce the number of failed changes from improved testing by between 15% and 27%
  • Reduce the number of recurring incidents by between 7% and 13%
  • Decrease user downtime (as a result of better incident management) by between 10% and 28%
  • Reduce average incident resolution time by between 28% and 48%
  • Improve recovery after a disaster by between 40% and 74%

ITIL training from QA

QA can help your organisation to adopt ITIL - whether you need to train just one person or an entire team. We provide a comprehensive range of ITIL training courses at our training centres across the UK - and can even provide large-scale training programmes nationally and internationally. We're accredited to provide ITIL training and our ITIL instructors lead the market in terms of ITIL skills and knowledge.

Why attend ITIL training?

Here are some key benefits that can help individuals taking ITIL training and exams
  • Learn how to apply service management processes, techniques and concepts to improve your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Communicate more effectively using common terminology
  • Be part of an international community and get advice when needed
  • Gain confidence and make change happen
  • Stand out from the crowd: ITIL training can help get the next job or promotion

Service management training

QA's strategy has always been to deliver accredited training that supports professional certification and recognised best practice - and with good reason. Your business is too important to trust to training processes that 'might' work - you need to know that they will work and are proven already. That's why our service management training portfolio includes the ITIL qualification scheme and other courses that cover recognised best practice frameworks and standards, such as SDI, COBIT and ISO/IEC20000. QA will enable your business to develop the professional service management capability your customers demand.