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Course code TP900
Duration 5 Days

This intensive five day programme offers an exciting and innovative way to acquire the core skills you need as a marketer. It combines five essential courses which cover the fundamental concepts of marketing and marketing communications, including the latest digital communications and technologies.

The five courses covered include: Fundamentals of Marketing, Introduction to Marketing Communications, Principles of Great Copywriting, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Introduction to Marketing Metrics and ROI.

Benefits to you and your company
This bootcamp is designed to provide the basic understanding and skills that underpin the execution of great marketing campaigns. It will give you a rounded set of practical marketing skills, with a particular emphasis on marketing communications and leave you eager to put into practice what you've learned.

Delegates attending the bootcamp will gain a thorough grounding in the latest marketing communications tools and techniques. They will also learn the key principles of marketing and see how these can be applied to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and your organisation's performance.

Who should attend?
Ideal for new recruits in marketing or junior marketers who want to develop a rounded set of practical marketing skills over a short time period. Please note that all five days of this course need to be attended.

Delegates will learn how to

  • What marketing is, what it does and how to use it to improve your organisation's profits.
  • Marketing communications - a solid grounding in the tools, techniques and approaches used in professional marcoms.
  • Principles of great copywriting - learn how to write outstanding and brand-building copy.
  • How to exploit digital marketing tools and techniques to improve your customer value proposition and overall competitiveness.
  • How to use marketing metrics to measure marketing performance and measure ROI (Return on Investment).


Fundamentals of Marketing

  • How to apply the basic concepts and principles of marketing to become more customer and market-driven.

Introduction to Marketing Communications

  • Analyse the role of marketing communications within your organisation.
  • Uncover the needs of target audiences to aid communications messages
  • Assess key marketing communication tools and techniques including advertising, direct mail, public relations and sales promotion, as well as personal selling.

Principles of Great Copywriting

  • Essential principles of good copywriting and advice on style.
  • How to tailor your copy for specific target audiences.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Learn how to create an integrated 'Web 2.0 Digital Marketing Plan'.
  • Select the most appropriate digital marketing tool based on your objectives.
  • Design, develop and deliver your digital marketing proposition.

Introduction to Marketing Metrics and ROI

  • Develop internally consistent metrics (linked to 'SMART' objectives) using a 'Metric Definition' template.
  • Calculate the ROI at strategic (client/customer/consumer) and tactical (mix) level.

Delivery style
This programme takes a modular approach in that you will cover a different subject area each day, and will be taught by a number of subject experts. The overall experience is intensive and fast-paced, with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout.

5 Days


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Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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