What is Teach the Nation to Code

Teach the Nation to Code is a collection of interactive workshops delivered by our industry experts. The content of these sessions has been developed around current UK digital skills shortages, giving you the opportunity to learn entry-level Python skills. We have designed the hands-on workshops in a way that are easy to understand regardless of your background.

How this course can help you

As the world enters further into the information age, skills related to programming have become highly desirable within all industries and many job sectors. Our aim is to give you the confidence and basic knowledge to start learning these skills. By attending one of our Teach the Nation to Code events you’ll be able to:

  • Get started with Python and understand the basics
  • Write your own code and get a number of programs up and running
  • Understand logic and further develop your problem-solving skills

Python Basics

This one day course will outline how to install a Python environment and will cover how to create basic Python applications. The workshop will cover:


Installation & Setup

Python Conventions and Syntax

Using operators, conditional statements and loops to create working code

Introduction to working with data in Python

The Trainers

Teaching full time at the QA Academy, our trainers have developed a portfolio of workshops aimed at those with little to no knowledge of programming languages and frameworks.

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