QA's SEND provision and Specialist Learning Consultants

What is SEND?

SEND stands for special educational needs and disabilities. 

A SEND learner is someone who has a diagnosed learning difficulty and/or disability (LDD). This could include dyslexia, dyscalculia, autistic spectrum conditions, mobility and dexterity, hearing impairment, ADHD, and more.

These learners could have a Statement of Educational Needs (SENs), Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs), or Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

However, it also refers to those with a diagnosed LDD but without SENs, LDAs, or EHCPs, as well as those with an undiagnosed LDD – we call this a learning need (LN).

QA's Specialist Learning Consultants

QA has a designated team of experienced and qualified Specialist Learning Consultants who support learners with learning disabilities and/or difficulties. Both diagnosed and undiagnosed learning disabilities and/or difficulties can be supported.

Support is offered to ensure learners are not disadvantaged by any barriers that would impact on their learning, by implementing reasonable adjustments reflected by a normal way of working.

Learners are supported on an individual face-to-face or remote basis, with a tailored plan to meet their individual needs.

Support can be for a limited time or for the whole of the duration of learning, depending on the learner’s need.

Our Specialist Learning Consultants:

  • creates 360º support plans mapped to learner’s individual needs with accompanying reviews.
  • conducts remote, one-to-one and workshop support individualised to meet the learner’s needs.
  • collates evidence of reasonable adjustments/extra exam arrangements.
  • works collaboratively with Skills Coaches and Tutors.
  • offers advice and guidance for clients and employers regarding LDD/LN.

Mental Health

QA work with external partners to ensure learners with Mental Health concerns are supported on a monthly basis by trained professionals.

QA's SEND provision is:

  • in compliance with the Equality Act;
  • adhering to statutory guidance, SEND Code of Practice 2015;
  • ensuring we meet external agencies' objectives, eg Ofsted EIF, and Matrix.

Read about Safeguarding at QA here.

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