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Leeds City Council staff gets bespoke online training

When Leeds City Council wanted to engage their staff around the critical subject of Information Governance, they turned to learning partner QA for a bespoke eLearning solution.


Leeds City Council

Meet our client: Leeds City Council

Situated in the middle of the United Kingdom, with a diverse population of 750,700, Leeds is the third largest city in England and Wales and the largest employment centre in the region.

The challenge:

As part of a programme to update their Information Governance training, Leeds City Council (LCC) wanted to deploy a modern eLearning programme that would not only train council staff members but, more importantly, would make the subject of managing information securely an engaging and therefore memorable experience.

The desire was to create an interactive programme, with LCC-specific examples and scenarios, which would drive greater awareness and end with a test to track the levels of understanding achieved. As a successful long-term training partner of LCC, QA was enlisted to design and implement the bespoke eLearning programme.

“We wanted a piece of eLearning with which people could engage, was user friendly, relevant to their work and tested for comprehension.”

Carol Dunn, Senior Information Governance Officer (Training), Leeds City Council

The solution: 

The starting point for the programme was an initial discussion between LCC’s Senior Information Governance Officer for Training, Carol Dunn, and one of QA’s instructional designers to gain an in-depth understanding of the content and messages.

From this, they developed a modular structure that lasted 50 minutes. Each module was designed to be standalone, allowing delegates to complete them individually and return to complete others in their own time. The last module was a quiz designed to ensure that learners fully understood the training and could illustrate their competence.

To make the eLearning engaging, the course incorporated the following features:

→ Custom content so it was 100% relevant for LCC staff throughout the organisation; 
→ Case studies and scenarios to bring the learning to life and illustrate key aspects of information governance; and
→ Regular ‘in-line learning checks’ to help learners test their own understanding of the key learning points as they worked through the modules.

An initial pilot group of 10 delegates took the training and their feedback allowed refinement of the solution prior to full release.

“What a brilliant course! I think it is well structured, user friendly, interesting and does the job. I am sure that it will result in some much-needed positive culture changes in the workplace.”

Staff member, Leeds City Council

The outcome: 

At least 95% of staff members have completed the eLearning within a nine-month window, with the following results:

→ Positive feedback from Council staff
→ Increased awareness of security within Council buildings
→ Improved results in Information Governance quizzes run at council events, with staff openly recalling their eLearning experience during the quiz.

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