Apprenticeship case studies

The Power of Digital Marketing - Anthem Publishing’s experience with apprenticeships

How Anthem Publishing used QA's Digital Marketing Apprenticeships to upskill and develop their workforce.


Are you looking to enhance your skillset? Or are you an employer thinking about developing your employees through an apprenticeship programme? The number of people participating in apprenticeships is ever-growing.

An overview

613,900 people in the UK aged 19+ took part in apprenticeship programmes in the academic year 2021-2022. This showcases an increase of 3.3% in the previous year*.

Anthem Publishing, a wellness magazine publisher, have hopped on this trend. The company partnered with QA to give their employees the opportunity to complete QA’s Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programme and master the art of creating show-stopping digital campaigns. The programme with QA builds skills in everything from content creation and web building to social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC, enabling apprentices to develop core competencies while working in fast-paced digital marketing teams.

So, why and how did Anthem Publishing partner with QA’s Apprenticeship programme?

'The apprenticeship] provided us with the suitable people; willing to learn and develop on the job whilst gaining a qualification to bring knowledge to the business'. – Anthem Publishing

The challenge

In May 2021, Anthem Publishing came head to head with some challenges. Skills shortages meant that they were struggling to find suitable people for their available roles. How were they going to take action to diversify their workforce? How were they going to provide new opportunities for their employees to re-skill and develop in an ever-changing industry?

Apprentice spotlight

One of Anthem Publishing’s apprentices, Molly Pickering, was enrolled on QA’s Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship to develop her digital marketing skills in a supportive, training-led environment.

She went on to be publicly recognised for her achievements at the BCS IT & Digital Apprenticeship Awards.

'It is no wonder that Molly received a special recognition award at the 2022 BCS IT & Digital Apprenticeship Awards considering the positive impact she made during her apprenticeship. Molly’s work on SEO was noted for how it improved her employer’s rankings on Google, achieving a number result for many of the keywords she was responsible for. BCS was incredible honoured to be able to celebrate her success'. – Annette Allmark, Director of Learning & Development, BCS

The outcome

  • QA’s specialist input resulted in a fully skilled and integrated member of Anthem Publishing’s business
  • QA has helped many businesses for over 10 years through our apprenticeship programmes
  • Anthem Publishing reported a more streamlined approach, with their apprentices dual-supported by QA as well as by their own company.

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QA has helped many businesses for over 10 years through our Apprenticeship programmes.

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