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How upskilling could be the key to upscaling

Do your upscaling plans include investment in training? It makes financial sense for 75% of UK businesses to upskill their current employees but the number of workers receiving training in the workplace falls well short of this. Here we take a closer look at how upskilling your employees is essential during a growth period.

How upskilling and reskilling can keep you ahead

In 2019, Amazon pledged to invest $700 million into reskilling and upskilling programmes, it’s an approach that’s valued by big businesses but it’s equally as important to younger companies too.

Whether you need soft skills or technical expertise, finding the right kind of training not only helps you to keep up with demand but it can also lead to setting more ambitious targets, fuelled by your new capabilities. It’s why we work to understand your business needs and provide training to fill any skills gaps your company might have.

Upskilled staff are more likely to tackle problems differently and to have more confidence to take on bigger projects that set you apart from the competition. It enriches the jobs they do, develops their roles, capabilities and performance, and speeds up the way new ideas and business practices can be adopted, so you can deliver higher quality services to your customers.

Scaling sustainably through upskilling

Rapid growth demands rapid decision-making and big investment. But to guarantee lasting success, scaling needs to be sustainable. Recruiting a large number of new employees to better manage your work is much more likely to ‘rock the boat’ than upskilling your current team, the people who already understand your company culture and ways of working.

Building a learning culture also improves how current and future investors see your business, putting you your company in a better position at the next round of funding and maintaining your valuation.

Training platforms like QA’s Cloud Academy enable your staff to develop their skills in a remote and truly sustainable way, as employees learn at a pace that works for them and your business. By adding your company becomes more resilient to change and by learning with their colleagues a sense of responsibility for growth is shared among your workforce, now and for the future.

Adding skills and avoiding redundancies

Hiring is expensive, firing is expensive, but in a constantly changing business world, finding and retaining the right person for the job is a challenge. So how can you avoid decreasing returns on your investment in the talent pool?

32 % of UK employees leave their job because they aren’t offered upskilling opportunities. Training isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential for reducing recruitment costs and retaining the best talent, without which, continued growth is impossible.

Workers benefit from technological and digital skills development because they feel more involved in the business and develop their careers, they’ll do their jobs better and feel confident taking on new tasks too. Research is proving that investing in your team is essential if you’re to remain agile and successful in a rapidly changing world.

Meeting new tech and business milestones

Hitting your first 100,000 clients or reaching a large turnover target makes your business more attractive to investors. But have you ever considered how skills enablement could be the key to meeting your most ambitious business objectives?

Our courses are delivered with your goals in mind. Tell us your challenges and we can help find the right training solutions to suit your needs. Upskilling itself won’t land you that dream client but it can give your team the tools to make it happen and quicker.

Meet your next business objective with the help of training from QA. Talk to one of our team to tell us your needs and sign up to our email updates for inspiration.


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