Get paid to gain a degree – without going back to school

At QA, it’s our mission to make learning accessible to all. Let’s take a look at how QA are redesigning degree level training.

Success in higher education comes down to three As:

Attitude, Aptitude and Access.

Our learners bring the first two, but the third A is where the system is broken.

The reality is, many face economic barriers to accessing higher education. Most are not able to commit the time required for rigid learning due to the responsibilities of modern life such as working hours, childcare, and more.

At QA, it’s our mission to make learning accessible to all.

We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity to gain the advantages that higher education offers. After all, holding a degree can unlock wider career options, progression and higher pay.

According to UK Government Research, men aged 29 earned 25% more if they were in possession of a degree. For women, degree holders aged 29 were found to earn 50% more than their counterparts without a degree.

We appreciate that for many, getting that degree might sound like a difficult task – but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at how QA are redesigning Degree level training.

No more being ‘priced out’ of education

For many, it’s not just the investment in degree study that acts as a deterrent, but the need to cut back on work hours and sacrifice income to meet the commitments of full-time learning.

Degree apprenticeships offer not only a debt-free path into higher education, but also the opportunity to earn while you learn. We’ll be your partner in finding funded solutions to meet your goals.

Through the apprenticeship levy, our Degree Apprenticeship courses are fully funded by the government.

That’s right: no loans and no tuition fees to repay.

The flexibility to suit every learner

We deliver apprenticeships via our Digital by Design model. It uses cutting edge technology to allow our learners to:

  • Discover knowledge at their own pace taught by expert tutors.
  • Practise skills in a risk-free but realistic environment through Cloud Academy.
  • Apply all of this confidently to their roles straight away, and therefore boost their career success sooner.

Did you know?

Without applying new knowledge, we forget 75% of what we’ve learnt within just 6 days! Our Discover, practise, apply method supports retention of knowledge.

On our Digital by Design Degree Apprenticeships, learning is 100% online, allowing you to learn from your desk, from home, or wherever works for you.

LinkedIn reported that in 2023, across a 40-hour work week professionals have an average of just 24 minutes to use towards learning! It’s no wonder that lack of time is a leading obstacle to uptake in workplace learning.

With over 53% of staff in the UK already feeling overworked or stressed due to the threat of additional work according to HR Director, many are understandably afraid of negative consequences if their workplace productivity were to drop because of learning commitments.

For too long, learning and development vs BAU trade-off.

With integrated learning, dedicated tutor support and employer guidance, QA are here to ensure that your learning journey and your daily role support and enhance one another, instead of being at odds. Our digital delivery model is all about making the combination seamless, to boost your success faster and eliminate the conflict between work and learning via flexibility and dedicated support.

Gain a qualification with no expiry date!

Why would you invest the time and effort to gain a degree, unless it sets you in good stead for the future? And we don’t just mean the near future.

Many skills are perishable, and many degrees fail to prepare people for today’s, and tomorrow’s, world of work.

Digital skills, however, are future facing, durable skills. Forbes reported that “more than half of the jobs that we do in 2030 will require an understanding of digital technology” as well as the best practices, rules and ethics surrounding data.

To get the most out of your investment, you need training that is in-step with the rapidly evolving world of tech.

QA’s digital degree apprenticeships are for those playing the long game. We keep our training focused on the now and the future, preparing you for sustained success as innovators in the future of tech.

Check out our BSc Digital and Technology Solutions programme to start your journey to becoming a digital innovator, today.