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Consolidating your tech stack?

4 things your procurement team wants you to consider first:

Procurement and supply chain leaders have always faced challenges. While some relief is on the horizon (inflation decreasing, leveled-off interest rates, and more) there are still plenty of things to contend with. Budgets are tighter than ever, and many companies are looking for stronger business cases to invest in new tools.

There’s a chance to create a long-term strategy in a company’s learning program as 3- and 4-year e-learning contracts sourced in early COVID-19 days are ending. Organisations need to lean on procurement teams to better understand how they can streamline their spending in edtech solutions down to a single-source provider to help break down silos, reduce tech stack fragmentation, and close skills gaps at scale.

Here are four things that your procurement team wants you to consider when looking to consolidate your learning spend: 

  • Will a single provider help streamline our processes and learning initiatives? By centralising your training efforts, you can eliminate redundancies and ensure consistency across the organisation. This leads to more efficient use of resources and better alignment with strategic goals.
  • How will the provider increase efficiencies and lower cost? Nothing speaks to a procurement team’s heart more than the opportunity to save on cost, but make sure you are also saving on time and not inadvertently adding hidden cost of wasted time on the business by plugging in gaps that tech used to fill. Do your due diligence to weed out the redundancies and include an analysis on which features/products are under utilised.
  • What about learner engagement and training effectiveness? Consolidated training platforms offer a cohesive learning experience, increasing engagement and completion rates. Look for solutions that offer multimodal training opportunities, tools that help your business integrate learning into the natural flow of work and includes success services and consultation packages as add-ons for specific projects related to digital transformation, modernisation, or AI. Bonus points if those modalities include hands-on practice labs on real world applications, where employees can apply their new skills in low-risk, no-cost environments.
  • Is this a long-term partnership? Staying current with technological advancements is crucial. A specialised provider ensures that your training content is always up to date, preparing your workforce for the latest challenges and opportunities in AI and cloud technologies. You’ll want to work with a partner that has a clear roadmap for the future, involves their customers in the shaping of that roadmap, and communicates the vision clearly and often. 

A bloated tech stack can be incredibly detrimental to the overall success of any organisation of any size. From wasted dollars, reduced productivity, silos, and even cyber-attacks. Committing to tech stack consolidation for your learning program can be a way to help streamline the experience for individuals and teams alike. Most importantly – don’t go at it alone. Work with procurement as a strategic partner to help with the consolidation process and see the incredible outcomes. 

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