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How to take the headache out of tech training, with an All for One solution

What if we simplified it all? What if there really could be one solution to tech training, that also moves with the times?

Once upon a time we might have started this blog along the lines of ‘are you in need of new tech skills…’

In 2024, it’s a question hardly worth asking.

We know as well as you do that with emerging technologies reshaping the way we work almost daily (or so it feels!), everyone is looking to secure the tech skills they need for business success.

With ambitious departmental targets aligned to digital transformation, fresh infusions of skill are a ‘Need’ with a capital N.

We also understand it’s an uphill battle due to – here come the dreaded words – the digital skills gap.

But that is to oversimplify. The challenges of talent and skilling in the world of tech are complex to say the least. Organisations like yours are juggling countless obstacles. To name a few:

  • Lack of suitable skills in the market
  • Lack of training budget to reskill and upskill from within
  • Lack of time to dedicate to training over business-critical day-to-day work
  • Rigid training options that don’t work for individuals OR fit your wider organisational goals

Trying to overcome these usually leads to a cumbersome, clunky, and many-faceted approach to skilling which is hard to maintain and keep track of.

Even if you’ve identified one golden strategy which addresses all the above, (and if you have, hats off to you!) you’re still not out of the woods.

The pace of change in tech, where new tools and solutions demand that our strategies can pivot on a dime, means that your perfect plan simply can’t keep up.

An All for One solution

So, why are we telling you what you probably already know? We haven’t come here just to say, ‘The situation is impossible, and it sucks to be you.’

See, we’ve got this idea…

What if we simplified it all? What if there really could be one solution, that also moves with the times? It would have to be flexible, and it would have to span an impressive range of skills areas.

Well, rejoice friends. Flexible, modern, all-for-one training is here (and if you ask us, it’s the future)!

An "All for One" training approach puts flexibility first. Its object is to tackle diverse training needs with a unified approach that ensures all training meets your business need.

In practice, this means avoiding a piecemeal approach that addresses immediate needs as they appear.

Instead, you define what constitutes a "training need" in advance and respond adaptively when they arise. This will be different for every organisation: there could be a sudden business need caused by a team member departing, or a need for multiple team members to learn a new technology.

With this approach, you ensure every training intervention meets a business need, rather than a tactical need.

For the remainder of this blog, let us answer the 3 biggest questions around All for One training, and unpack the benefits it offers vs the piecemeal alternative:

1. Why shouldn’t I just hire the talent I need instead?

The answer is threefold.

There’s a proven shortage in the market; education is failing to prepare talent for the digital world. In most cases, the candidates you need don’t yet exist.

‘Ideal’ talent would be highly skilled on in-demand technical areas, making it (you guessed) expensive. HR review found that ‘organizations choosing to upskill rather than replace could save between 70 and 92 percent on average’!

2. I’ve run internal training before, and it didn’t deliver. How is this any different?

Training delivered to your workforce can fail for a number of reasons, such as lack of time, lack of flexibility, poor engagement and more.

Maybe your training was keenly consumed but stagnated through lack of use. The flexibility of an All for One solution means you can harness that all important thing: Timing.

Delivering training in the sweet spot where your employees are motivated to learn and in a position to apply new knowledge can deliver longer-term impact.

Just some of the cutting-edge training tools at your fingertips will include:

  • Fully virtual courses that don’t require your people to be torn away from the workplace for days on end.
  • Learner-paced content, in a structure that flexes to suit every individual.
  • Hands-on labs that not only boost engagement and make training enjoyable (imagine that!) but also stress-test new skills to provide confidence and assurance in applying them to projects.
  • Visibility and tracking for the employer, so you always have a finger on the pulse of how your workforce are engaging, learning and progressing.

3. I have a limited training budget, can I afford this wonder-solution?

Finally, the best bit of all: QA’s market leading range of digital skills training is not only diverse but ever evolving, meaning whenever you invest in a Skills Licence, you’re sure to have access to the latest cutting-edge skills in emerging tech.

Stop sprinting to keep up with the pace of change, and get one step ahead.

Ready to meet Skills Licence? You can find out more here.

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