3 Intranet myths busted

It’s safe to say that Intranets often get a bad reputation. When an intranet is forgotten about in an organisation, it becomes a bit like an old-storage cupboard: full of useful tools and objects, but too disorganised to find anything in. Your first instinct might then to be to discontinue your intranet altogether, but hold on! Done properly, an Intranet can be a hub of useful information that enriches your employees’ work. Still not convinced? We’ve busted 3 intranet myths below – take a look and see the benefits an Intranet can bring to your organisation.

Myth #1: Intranets are an outdated concept

Are Intranets outdated in general? Or are some Intranets outdated, whilst others are sleek, modern and user-friendly? In a world of remote working and digital collaboration, both internal and external to our organisations, information exchange has never been more important. What’s outdated about a hub that brings together files, messages and news, all-in-one place and accessible via the web to all employees?

What’s more, platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint Communication Sites are regularly updating their templates in-line with modern web design conventions, meaning that your Intranet will stay sleek, user-friendly and responsive to all devices.

Myth #2: Intranets are too time-costly to maintain properly

With the advent of modern intranet templates and platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint Communication Sites, this is simply not the case. The days of needing to code are gone – out-of-the-box solutions are here, and you can build an Intranet that not only looks good, but is tailored to your needs using transferrable skills from our everyday Microsoft Office. Microsoft’s new templates offer you a range of options to start from, with a user interface that means you don’t necessarily need your IT department to run the Intranet (according to Simpplr research, 51% of intranets are managed by internal comms, not IT)1.

Myth #3: Intranets are pointless

Many say that other technological innovations have superseded Intranets – things like cloud-based file sharing and Instant Messaging – but the truth is that these things enhance an Intranet. An Intranet can bring together file-sharing, messaging, company news and other company apps, all in one place! You could use these technologies separately from each other…but why would you? In

fact, research by Happeo states that time-spent searching for files is reduced by 35% when a company implement a good Intranet2.

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