The game has changed. No longer do talented people have to follow traditional education routes to get a degree. With a degree apprenticeship the opportunity to learn, grow and accomplish a degree whilst working is now a reality.

This is not an equivalent qualification. This is a degree. Fair and square. The same that you would get from any leading university. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best, business-focussed universities in the UK to deliver these ground breaking programmes.  

Industry focussed degrees

Key employability skills, right for your organisation.

Forward thinking learning streams. Providing you deployable, productive and future proofed talent.

The choice is yours. From foundation to Master's and MBA apprenticeships – choose the skill level that’s right for you.

Unique partnerships with some of the UK’s leading business-focussed universities.

Degree apprenticeships for you

The flexible structure of our degree apprenticeships means your selected programmes can be tailored to meet your needs.

Designed for you.

Degree apprentices will grow skills within your business whilst actively contributing day-to-day.

Grow skills.

High calibre new talent, primed and ready to energise your team.

Choice of talent.

Do you have a star in your midst already? Reward their effort by offering them a route to a degree, whilst they continue their role in your organisation.

Upskill your staff.

QA’s approach makes the paperwork a breeze. Save money and save time on recruitment, or on retaining existing employees.

Straightforward and easy.