Reasonable Adjustments policy

The examination provider can accommodate special allowances and make reasonable adjustments to the examination. To make a request for any exam adjustment you must inform QA at least 10 working days prior to your examination date. The following information needs to be submitted to via email, the request will then be passed to the associated exam board:

  • QA Booking reference
  • Confirmation of exactly what adjustments are required
  • Supporting evidence *
  • Approval that you are happy for us to share your information and documents with the associated exam board.

 * Supporting evidence provided must be official medical evidence. For example, a doctor’s note or diagnostic assessment report. The evidence provided must support the adjustment requested, all Exam Boards will decline requests without this.

BCS exams

If you are attending a BCS exam there is an additional step which is required to submit a reasonable adjustment. Along with the above, the below form also needs to be completed and returned to along with the request.

Additional information

Please note, some exam boards prefer reasonable adjustment requests to be submitted to them directly from the learner. Please do still submit the request as above, to The team will direct you according if necessary.

QA cannot advise you what adjustments should be applied, any requests submitted should be based on the necessary support depending on your needs.

Below are some examples of what learners have requested historically, however the medical reports will need to correlate to this for the exam board to accept it. The types of adjustments made and approved will differ between the exam providers and will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Type of Disability

Reasonable Adjustment


Extra examination time*

Examination material printed in coloured paper

Narrators/ scribes

Dyspraxia/Physical Impairment

Extra examination time*

Use of laptop to answer question


Ensure access or support to sit an examination

Visual Impairment

Extra examination time

Examination material printed in different font


Examination in different language than native

Extra examination time*

Examination paper of dual language

*The average extra time allocated is 25%, however this will be dependent on the recommendations made in your supporting evidence.