Introducing myQA

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Simply login to your myQA account and everything you need is there.

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No need to call or waste time, just use the myQA portal.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Access your bookings and delegate information in one place.

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See delegate course details and booking status at a glance.

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A perfect assistant for Managers

Booking courses with QA has always been easy, but now we've made it even easier. With myQA you can book, administer and manage all your bookings online, in one place. myQA includes the ability to search and find courses (at your company-specific prices) and then book single or multiple delegates on them.

myQA for Managers also allows you to set up Administrator roles and approve requests for training from your team. With a single dashboard view of your department's transactional history and the ability to click into all the relevant details, myQA offers managers the perfect online companion!

myQA interface

Authorise, Amend, Assess

myQA for Managers gives you the flexibility to manage all your teams activity on one place. With easy access to authorise requests for training, and instant-edit capabilities, myQA enables Managers to see a single view of the entire team's activity.

In addition, myQA offers the capability to pay for training via a QA Skills License, so companies get their pre-agreed pricing for training, and bookings are instantly subtracted from their total licence value.

No hassle, no paperwork! And, because we know things can change, myQA allows instant changes in dates, instant updates, and delegate detail edit capabilities at the click of a mouse.

myQA interface

Making booking administration even easier

If you are responsible for administering training for your organisation, then the features within myQA for Administrators will really help. Hosting a wide range of administration capabilities, any task can be accessed straight from the 'Administration' menu. From here Administrators can manage and monitor QA Skills Licences, define customer data fields, and run reports from within myQA.

With a single sign on, and the ability to manage multiple delegates, bookings, skills licences and run MIS reports, myQA for Administrators will make managing your training even easier.

myQA interface

Set up, get approval, track spend

myQA also offers Administrators the ability to set up delegates, select training and request approval from Managers to get authorisation.

Administrators can also see an overview of all requests, edit any element and view all of their organisation's QA Skills Licenses to track their spend (because we know money matters). These can be managed at an individual level or at a department level, so even the largest of organisations, with multiple departments and licenses, can be managed from a single place.

Contact your Account Manager and get your myQA portal set up today.