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Duration 2 Days

This course employs practical exercises, case studies and discussions for Agile practitioners who want to help their organisations launch and roll out Agile ways of working. With a practical emphasis on discovering unique circumstances and needs, this course enables a tailored Agile transformation that delivers value straight away.

Unlike most certifications and training courses, which tend to focus on the 'HOW', the VFQ and Agile course and BCS Practitioner Certification in Agile ask the far more important question 'WHY'.


Who should attend

This VFQ course is designed to help those wanting to apply Agile-Lean practices in their organisations. Because it covers Agile thinking and principles, VFQ works across all levels, from introductory to advanced. It addresses the challenges faced by developers, testers, analysts and executives, providing knowledge to help in day-to-day work and long-term career success.

It is suitable for all professionals, across all industries, who work on product and software development projects.

This course covers the modules needed to sit the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile examination. The certification is aimed at those who have, or wish to have, some responsibility for managing, participating in or enabling Agile ways of working within software development. It is recommended that candidates prepare for the examination by committing to personal study. This is regarded as a necessary minimum, but it may be supplemented with this training course and work-based learning.


Why Change?
An unvarnished discussion of the issues in software development today and why it is hard to establish meaningful change.

Delivering Early and Often
The rationale behind incremental and iterative delivery and a practical guide to realising the benefits.

Optimising Flow
Exposing the mistaken assumptions that lie behind many project failures and replacing them with a focus on the smooth flow of work through the system.

This crucial principle connects the three themes of this course: value, flow and quality, underpinning successful software development.

How to form and manage a team to ensure they are set up for success and not failure.

Motivated individuals and departments are essential for success, yet most current motivation programme have unforeseen negative consequences.

A practical guide to understanding the trade-offs and choices to be made in selecting different development methods or tools.

Adapting Agile
Exploring when and where adaptations to existing methodologies should be made.

A thorough exploration of the most popular development methodology.

Everything you need to introduce an increasingly popular method focused on flow.

2 Days


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Delivery method


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