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The courses in this category are broadly concerned with the flow of information into and around modern telecommunication networks. Key to this is the method of access used by subscribers to the network. Modern access networks need to carry traffic generated through a range of services with diverse quality of service requirements. In addition, some access networks may need to support subscriber mobility. Transmission media may include copper, fibre or radio and the access network will need to remain compatible with evolving core networks. This category also deals with the routing of information through defined pathways within a complex network architecture. The specific technologies used for this depend on the type of telecommunication network and a course is offered for Signalling System No. 7 (SS7). SS7 is a globally adopted signalling system that is the language of communication between switches (telephone exchanges) in both national and international networks


A general understanding of the PSTN architecture and circuit- and packet-switched concepts, together with a working knowledge of the OSI Model and primary rate (E1/T1) bearers

Delegates will learn how to

Overview of signalling and signalling system SS7 architecture: SP, STPs, Links, Link Sets, Routes and Route Sets Point Codes functions and formats Message Transfer Part (MTP) levels 1, 2 and 3 MTP error control, routing and loadsharing principles and user identification The ISDN User Part call control and supplementary services Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) functions and services SCCP connectionless and connection-oriented services applications SCCP Global Title routing and segmentation function Transaction Capabilities (TCAP) protocol stack and usage scenarios TCAP Component Sublayer and Transaction Sublayer Component-handling and transaction-handling functions and procedures The Dialogue Portion and application context negotiation SS7 applications in Intelligent Networks and Mobile Networks Introduction to SS7 over IP Exercises analysing MTP, SCCP, ISUP and TCAP signalling traces


SS7 is a key element in the control plane of fixed and mobile networks and in Intelligent Network scenarios. It facilitates communication between SS7 hosted 'applications' enabling end-to-end service delivery. This course provides a comprehensive description of SS7 protocols, functions and procedures.

3 Days


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