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Code TPLT1002
Duration 1 Day

This course provides a detailed overview of the currently specified methods of offering a voice service via LTE

Who would benefit
This course is suitable for engineering and technical management staff who require a technical overview of the options that exist in LTE to allow voice and other real-time traffic types, that would traditionally have been carried by Circuit-Switched (CS) technologies, to be provided.


Attendance on this course assumes previous attendance on the LTE/SAE Engineering Overview course (LT3600) or equivalent basic LTE knowledge (although a recap of basic LTE architecture and concepts is provided at the start of the course) and also assumes a working knowledge of IP


  • A technical overview of LTE
  • Basic introduction of the existing voice/CS options in LTE
  • CS Fallback general concept
  • CS Fallback architecture and interfaces
  • CS Fallback requirements and dependencies
  • CS Fallback messages and operation
  • VoLGA (Voice over LTE Generic Access) general concept
  • Technical overview of the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)< li>
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE) general concept
  • VoLTE protocols
  • VoLTE interaction with the IMS
  • VoLTE operation and handovers
  • LTE voice option interworking
  • Comparison of voice options
  • Descriptions of the methods available to configure UEs to use one or more voice options
  • Discussion of CS Fallback and VoLTE Coexistence options
  • Discussion of CS and IMS interworking options such as ICS and SDS

1 Day


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