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Security is too often discussed as an afterthought (sometimes after an incident), rather than considered as an essential IT Service that enables business to enacted reliably and with agility. The most productive way to start a security discussion with customers is to lead with the Business Outcomes that Cisco’s security solutions can offer.

The Delivering Business Outcomes through Workshop enables Cisco and Partner AM’s to position Cisco security solutions as an initiative to deliver effective Business Outcomes. It is an interactive workshop, focused on selling Cisco security solutions, in which the students work through different aspects of a case study to identify the key business opportunities, potential solutions and the associated security risks. Using this information, students form a proposition, positioning Cisco security solutions to deliver positive Business Outcomes and meeting the customer’s business objectives.


Students should be familiar with basic security concepts and products.

Delegates will learn how to

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the focus of the Security Buyer
  • Articulate how Business Transformation impacts Security and delivers positive Business Outcomes
  • Discover the Business Context behind security decisions
  • Link Business Initiatives to Business Solutions and identify Security Concerns
  • Profile the customer and identify the customer’s security context
  • Identify Cisco’s security architecture and solution portfolio
  • Recognise company assets, vulnerabilities, threats, risks and impacts
  • Position Cisco Security Solutions
  • Handle Objections relevant to Cisco's Security solutions
  • Articulate how Cisco Security Solutions deliver positive Business Outcomes


Essentials of Selling Security

  • Exercise: ‘Review of basic security knowledge’
  • Cisco strategy and focus
  • Customer needs and identifying who can influence security purchases
  • Criteria that make for a successful CxO
  • Current technology trends
  • Getting the attention of the security buyer

Business Transformation & Business Initiatives

  • Customer Concerns, Business Transformation & Initiatives
  • How Security links to Business Outcomes
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Initiatives to deliver Business Outcomes’
  • Linking Initiatives to Security Concerns
  • Identifying the customer/workforce experience

Understanding the Customer

  • The importance of a customer’s Security Context
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Identify element of the Company Profile and Security Context’
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Defining Business Implications Needs and Technical Solutions’
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Identifying Customer Needs and Security Threats’

Cisco Security Solutions

  • Cisco Security Strategy
  • Comprehensive Security Portfolio
  • Security Platform Architecture
  • Professional Security Services

Determining Security Priorities

  • What should be our Security focus?
  • Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Risk Assessment Example

Positioning Cisco Security Solutions

  • Cisco’s Architectural Approach
  • Cisco’s security credibility
  • Positioning of Cisco’s security solutions

Positioning Cisco Security Solutions

  • Sources of objections
  • Overcoming objections
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Overcoming Objections of Cisco Security Solutions’

Delivering Business Outcomes with Cisco Security

  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Creating a Compelling Security Proposition’
  • Summary
  • Questions

1 Day


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