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Tech Type Specialist
Code QASPD10L1
Duration 2 Days

You have SharePoint experience as a SharePoint power user (Site Owner) or Site Collection Administrator and would like to customise the design of your SharePoint pages or add extra functionality to your site. In this course you will learn how to use SharePoint Designer's tools and features to: create and customise SharePoint sites, create and administer permission groups, add and modify list and library views, create and format web pages, create and style master pages and create and edit links.

What's Included

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Key Learning Points


  • Delegates should have experience to the level of, or have attended, QA's 'Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for End users' (www.qa.com/QASPEU10B) and 'Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for End Users - Advanced Features' (www.qa.com/QASPEU10A).
  • Knowledge of HTML or CSS is advantageous but not essential.

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use the SharePoint Designer interface
  • Create and customise SharePoint sites
  • Create site pages and understand HTML code and use cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Create and modify Master Pages and associated CSS styling
  • Add and modify lists and libraries in your site and create custom views
  • Add links to pages and customise the Quick Launch and Top Link bars


Lesson 1 - Getting Started With SharePoint Designer 2010

  • What is SharePoint Designer?
  • Understanding SharePoint from a Designer's Perspective
  • Working with Sites in SharePoint Designer
  • The SharePoint Designer 2010 Interface
  • Customising the SharePoint Designer Interface

Lesson 2 - Customising SharePoint Site Properties and Adding Site Content

  • Creating Subsites Using SharePoint Designer
  • Customising Site Properties Using SharePoint Designer
  • Working with Site Permissions Using SharePoint Designer
  • Adding Lists and Libraries
  • Adding and Editing List Columns
  • Creating Site Columns

Lesson 3 - Creating Site Pages

  • Opening an Existing Web Page
  • Creating Site Pages
  • Version Control of Site Pages
  • Adding HTML Content to Site Pages
  • Adding Page Content using the Code View
  • Other Page Editing Tools

Lesson 4 - Cascading Style Sheets

  • What are Cascading Style Sheets?
  • CSS Syntax
  • Types of CSS Style
  • CSS Grouping and Nesting Selectors
  • The Three Ways Of Utilising CSS
  • The CSS Cascade
  • Using CSS in SharePoint Designer

Lesson 5 - Working With Master Pages

  • How Master Pages Work
  • Attaching Custom Master Pages
  • SharePoint Master Pages
  • Master Page Content Regions
  • Resetting to Site Definition
  • Creating a Custom SharePoint Master Page

Lesson 6 - Styling Master Pages using the Corev4.css

  • What is the Corev4.css?
  • Opening the Corev4.css
  • Working with Corev4.css code
  • Understanding the Corev4.css

Lesson 7 - Create and Format List and Library Views

  • Working with Views in the Browser
  • Working with Views in SharePoint Designer
  • Customising a List or Library View

Lesson 8 - Working with Web Part Pages

  • What are Web Parts?
  • Working with Web Parts in the Browser
  • Working with Web Parts Pages in SharePoint Designer

Lesson 9 - Publishing Pages

  • Web Content Management Overview
  • Creating Publishing Pages

Lesson 10 - Customising Site Navigation

  • Navigation Overview
  • Working with Links for a Collaboration Site
  • Working with Links in Publishing Sites
Specialist Course

2 Days

Microsoft SharePoint
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