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Tech Type Premium
Course Code QAGABUS
Duration 1 Day

In this hands-on instructor led course, you will learn about the Google suite of apps to perform everyday work tasks such as email, calendar, tasks, word processing, spreadsheets, as well as learning about the other G Suite tools.

Target audience
This course is suitable for any individual whose organisation has, or is due to, implement the G Suite apps by Google in the workplace.

This course can be customised to meet your organisation's specific requirements or Google environment, please contact us for further details.


  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Experience in web browsing
  • Work with windows - minimise, maximise, open and close
  • Basic skills with Microsoft Office applications, or equivalent, are recommended, but not mandatory

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand the various Google apps available and what they do
  • Log in to the Google apps domain and navigate your way around
  • Understand and use the Gmail app to communicate with colleagues efficiently
  • Communicate with colleagues using Google Hangouts
  • Use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules
  • Use Google contacts to store contacts and create address groups
  • Create and share documents using Google drive
  • Work with the Google docs and sheets apps
  • Understand and use the Google keep app
  • Learn about additional apps and add-ons available to you


Module 1: Introduction to G Suite

  • Topic A: What are G Suite Tools
  • Topic B: What is “The Cloud”
  • Topic C: Introduction to Google Chrome
  • Topic D: Logging into your G Suite Tools

Module 2: Communicating using the Gmail app\

  • Topic A: Introduction to Gmail
  • Topic B: Compose an Email
  • Topic C: Read / Reply / Forward / Print Emails
  • Topic D: Inbox Views
  • Topic E: Working with Labels
  • Topic F: Working with Stars
  • Topic G: Search & Filters
  • Topic H: Filters
  • Topic I: Useful Gmail Settings
  • Topic J: Useful Labs

Module 3: Google Calendar & Contacts\

  • Topic A: The Google Calendar
  • Topic B: Contacts

Module 4: Google Hangouts

  • Topic A: Using Google Hangouts within the Gmail App
  • Topic B: The Google Hangouts App

Module 5: Introduction to Google Keep

  • Topic A: Adding Notes to Google Keep
  • Topic B: Sharing a Note
  • Topic C: Add a Reminder to a Note

Module 6: Working with Google Drive

  • Topic A: Introduction to the Google drive app
  • Topic B: Upload Files from PC to Google Drive
  • Topic C: Introduction to Google Docs
  • Topic D: Sharing
  • Topic E: Introduction to Google Sheets
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1 Day

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