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Course type Premium
Course code QAGDFWINT
Duration 2 Days

In this hands-on instructor led course, you will understand and use the Google Drive app for file storage, sharing and collaborative editing. You can store, access and share your files anywhere with Google Drive, whether it be via computer, tablet or mobile device. As well as utilising the online storage for your files you will learn about Google's online suite of tools to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations; as well as create drawings using the drawing app and create surveys using the Google forms app.

Target audience
This course is suitable for any individual who needs to use Google Drive to store, share and collaborate on files; as well as being able to edit their files using Google's productivity tools whether it be a document, spreadsheet or a presentation.

This course can be customised to meet your organisation's specific requirements or Google environment, please contact us for further details.


Before attending this course, delegates should have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and how to use the internet. Basic keyboard and mouse skills are required.

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the Google Drive app and what it is used for
  • Use the Google Drive app to upload, store and share various file formats
  • Use the productivity tools available within Google Drive to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms
  • Understand the useful add-ons available to enhance functionality for the Google Drive app
  • Understand how to use the Google Drive app offline and on various devices


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Google Drive

  • What is Google Drive?
  • Installing Google Drive

Lesson 2: Google Drive General Features

  • General Features
  • Uploading
  • Searching

Lesson 3: Google Docs

  • Introduction to Google Documents
  • Google Documents Applications Window
  • Working with a Document
  • Editing a Document
  • Formatting

Lesson 4: Google Sheets

  • Introduction to Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets Application Window
  • Working with a Spreadsheet
  • Modifying a Spreadsheet
  • Creating Formulas
  • Formatting
  • Layout and Print Options

Lesson 5: Google Slides

  • Introduction to Google Slides
  • Google Slides Application Window
  • Working with Slides
  • Editing Text
  • Formatting
  • Presentation Views and Layouts

Lesson 6: Google Forms

  • Google Forms Application Window
  • Working with Forms
  • Inserting Options
  • Editing Options

Lesson 7: Google Drawings

  • Introduction to Google Drawings
  • How to Create Objects in Drawings
  • Creating Flow Charts
  • Editing Shapes
  • Proofing a Drawing

Lesson 8: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Setting Up Collaboration
  • Versions
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2 Days

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