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Information and courses for those who would like to know more about the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud introductory courses

The courses below offer an introduction to various aspects of cloud computing and what skills it takes to move to the cloud.

Implementing Governance, Security and Compliance (GDPR) in Dynamics 365 CE

2 Days

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses of all sizes are now embracing cloud services due to its many tangible benefits:



Only pay for the capacity being used – save big on capital expenditure, project start-up costs and ongoing operating expenses.



Increase and decrease capacity at the switch of a button – be more flexible and maximise the use of storage in the cloud.



Reduce downtime when deploying applications to the cloud – streamline business operations and create a competitive edge.



With strong security protocols in place, data is just as secure in the cloud, and server maintenance is handled promptly by the supplier.



Test ideas and provision new servers in minutes – no need to worry about hardware specs or committing to a long-term IT infrastructure.



Employees can log-on, connect with each other and work from anywhere – increased collaboration, agility and productivity.

The Cloud Journey

We offer cloud computing training courses suitable for businesses and individuals at every level. Whether you simply wish to improve your understanding of cloud technologies, or you're looking to maximise your existing cloud infrastructure, QA is here to help.

Cloud Journey
Cloud Computing Home

An overview of QA's cloud computing courses, certifications, vendors, blogs and other cloud resources.

Moving to the Cloud
Migrating to the Cloud

Information and courses for those looking to ensure a successful transition to cloud computing services.

Maximising the Cloud
Maximising the Cloud

Information and courses for those looking to maximise their cloud computing platform and services.

Cloud Certifications
Cloud Certifications

Solidify your cloud skills and demonstrate your proficiency in cloud computing platforms and services.

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QA won the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Learning Partner of the Year award for providing innovative Microsoft Azure training solutions, confirming our position as a market leader in cloud computing training.

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We are the most experienced AWS Authorized Training Partner in the UK

All our AWS courses are fully accredited and taught by the largest team of accredited AWS trainers in the UK. 99% of our AWS course attendees say their training has led to improved workplace performance.

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We offer a range of fully-accredited cloud computing training courses from the leading vendors.

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