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Tech Type Essentials
Duration 17 Months

Programme duration 16-24 months

Our Software and Web Development Advanced to Technical Modern Apprenticeship combines classroom training and on-the-job experience to develop real world skills in software development. It is a good fit for anyone starting a career in tech.

This apprenticeship gives you a great opportunity to develop and enhance your software skills, ensuring you have the grounding needed to become a skilled App Developer, Software Developer or OS Programmer.

What’s included?

On successful completion of the programme, you will gain the following qualifications:

Part 1 – Advanced Modern Apprenticeship:

  • SQA SCQF 6 Diploma in ICT and Telecommunication Professional

Part 2 – Technical Modern Apprenticeship:

  • SQA SCQF 8 Diploma in ICT and Telecommunication Professional


The entry requirements for this programme are as follows:

  • Age 16-24
  • Passionate about a career in software development
  • 5 Standard grades (Level 1-3)
  • OR 5 National 5’s or intermediate 2’s level C or above (including Maths and English)

What will you learn?

You will choose to specialise in Java, C# or Open Source depending on your job role.

You will learn technical skills including:

  • Understanding C#
  • Working with The .NET framework
  • Understanding SQL
  • Utilising Java
  • Operating Javascript
  • Working with Open Source

This will equip you with the skills essential to take on job roles such as Software Developer, Web Developer or Programmer.

Course Outline

During the programme, you will complete:

  1. Eleven classroom training units introducing tech theory and fundamentals, in practical workshops.
  2. Competency units to complete in the workplace to provide a direct link between theory and practice.

The classroom units included in part 1 of this programme are:

  • Unit 1: Investigating and Defining Customer Requirements 2
  • Unit 2: Software Design Fundamentals
  • Unit 3: Object Oriented Computer Programming 2
  • Unit 4: Event Driven Computer Programming 2
  • Unit 5: Testing IT and Telecoms Systems 2
  • Unit 6: Data Modelling 2
  • Unit 7: Web Development 2
  • Unit 8: Website Software 3
  • Unit 9: Database Software 3

You will be required to complete competency units in the workplace during part 1 of their apprenticeship. The workplace units in part one of this programme are:

  • Unit 1: Personal Effectiveness 2
  • Unit 2: Health and Safety in IT and Telecoms
  • Unit 3: Interpersonal and Written Communications 2
  • Unit 4: Customer Care for IT and Telecoms Professionals 2

The workplace units included in part 2 of this programme are:

  • Unit 1: Personal Effectiveness 3
  • Unit 2: Customer Care for IT and Telecoms Professionals 3
  • Unit 3: Investigating and Defining Customer Requirements for IT and Telecoms Systems 3
  • Unit 4: Technical Advice and Guidance 3
  • Unit 5: IT and Telecoms Fault Diagnosis 3
  • Unit 6: Event Driven Computer Programming 3
  • Unit 7: Managing Software Development
  • Unit 8: Testing IT and Telecoms Systems 3
  • Unit 9: Web Development 3

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NOTE: this programme is available in Scotland. If you are based in England follow this link www.qa.com/QAASDTL3E (Software Development Technician Level 3)

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17 Months

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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