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Duration 2 Days

The Kanban method is an emerging methodology for software development. It evolves your current software development processes through refinement and continuous improvement while leveraging Lean practices. Building visual, iterative, and lean solutions from what is known is the cornerstone of Kanban projects. The ultimate goal is to build quality software products using modern methods.

With Kanban, a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words. The centrepiece of Kanban is the Kanban Board representing the visualization of the workflow and the current state of development. Kanban boards distinguish the Kanban process as a uniquely visual device for managing software processes and workflows.

This a two-day course, where delegates start with an understanding of the fundamentals of Kanban and conclude with advanced techniques, such as Scrumban. Learn in a collaborative and open environment where delegates experience Kanban through participation.

Delegates will learn how to

How to define and visualize their current process via Kanban teams. Leveraging iterative and continuous improvement, delegates will learn to create efficient software workflows that delivery high-value products:

  • Evolve and refine existing software development processes
  • Creating Kanban cards
  • Kanban boards
  • Efficiency through limiting work in process
  • Both single and parallel workflows

In addition, delegates will emerge with the ability to:

  • Actively participate on a Kanban team
  • Employ the principles and core values of Kanban
  • Refine and improve upon current processes; the practice of continuous improvement.
  • Reports and analysis to help evaluate and adapt performance and deliverables
  • Combine the tenets of Kanban and Scrum


  • History of Kanban
  • Kanban overview
  • Lean principles
  • Kanban principles
  • Core values
  • 7 types of wastes
  • Work in Process
  • Kanban meetings
  • Visualization: Kanban Cards; Kanban board
  • Pull systems
  • Cycle / Lead times
  • Continuous improvements
  • Workflows
  • 2-card Kanban
  • 2-bin Kanban
  • Parallel workflows
  • Value-stream mapping
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Enter / Exit criteria
  • Scrum versus Kanban
  • ScrumBan

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2 Days


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