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Agile Project Management

QA has launched an online, immersive, coach-led learning programme in Agile Project Management, delivered through a series of cutting-edge digital learning experiences.

QA Impact Academies Raising The Bar In Online Learning Effectiveness

QA has built a premium, fully online platform where Learners will be part of a small Agile team tackling a 'real life' challenge led and supported by a dedicated expert Agile coach. The programme is Learner led, Interactive, Problem Based and Experiential giving hands on skills for the ultimate learning experience.

Whilst the AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner certifications demonstrate a good understanding of the concepts, they do not demonstrate capability.

This programme allows organisations to provide their employees with a safe environment in which to apply their AgilePM® skills and knowledge to a real world project. The benefits of this style of learning is to face challenges in a digital environment with a virtual team and receive Agile coaching support throughout.

In addition the programme provides learning flexibility around day to day operations, the Impact: Agile Project Management programme consists of 6 team challenges aimed at creating real-life scenarios for impactful learning aided by one of our dedicated agile coaches. In addition you will be able to put new skills into action within your organisation as you work through the programme.

Learning Journey


Impact Agile Learning Journey

What are the benefits?


Enrolling in this course will give learners:

  • Support to develop a set of skills in a safe environment by immersing them in the Agile process
  • The ability to make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment without an impact on real-life roles
  • Access to subject matter experts for bespoke and responsive expert support
  • The opportunity to apply their learning and lead real change in their workplace through the creation of a project plan for their workplace
  • Certification of success with QA certificates and badges
  • Access to a six-month dynamic subscription product which supports learners with continuous learning via:
    • An expert curated Agile resource feed
    • Access to an Agile community of practice, moderated by expert Agile coaches