Special Notices

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In this course, you learn how to implement NetApp’s Virtual Storage Console by deploying, managing, and protecting a VMware virtual infrastructure in both SAN and NAS environments using ONTAP. It also covers the implementation details for both traditional datastores and Virtual Volumes using Storage Policy Based Management. Monitoring of both traditional and VVOL performance characteristics are covered in lecture and hands on labs.


  • ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals
  • ONTAP Data Protection Fundamentals
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration
  • ONTAP SAN Administration
  • ONTAP Data Protection Administration
  • VMware Fundamentals WBT (Free WBT from VMware Education)
  • VMware Install, Configuration and Manage or equivalent experience
  • Technical Overview of Virtual Storage Console (VSC), Storage Replication Adapter (SRA), and Vasa Provider (VP)

Delegates will learn how to

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the components of NetApp storage and how they integrate into a vSphere environment
  • Identify the types of datastores created by the Virtual Storage Console (VSC)
  • Explain how VSC provides an automated datastore provisioning capability
  • Describe the VVol datastore management process
  • Create VVol datastores and VVols
  • Identify performance characteristics of VVols using VSC
  • Monitor virtual machines with VSC performance dashboard
  • List the customer implementations for backup, restore and cloning capability when integrating vSphere with NetApp