Our Business and Administration Modern Apprenticeship delivers high quality training and assessment designed to develop learners into a valued members of your team.

The programme gives learners the qualifications, skills and practical experience to take on a range of administration based roles.

What’s included?

On successful completion of the programme the following qualifications are gained:

  • Modern Apprenticeship including SQA, SVQ in Business and Administration at SCQF level 6

To ensure your apprentice develops relevant skills for your workplace, our Business Advanced Modern Apprenticeship teaches them to master the processes and practices used by successful businesses including:

  • Essential communication skills, including understanding business writing and email etiquette
  • Data entry, reporting and analysing business data
  • Basic finance and budget management skills
  • Planning, running and documenting meetings
  • Managing customer facing operations, including providing service and support

Leading to empowering roles like:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Front of House/Reception
  • Assistant Office Manager
  • Administration Assistant

This is a work-based apprenticeship, and the majority of apprentice’s learning will be completed in the workplace.

The depth and breadth of high-quality training units included in our programme ensures your apprentices provide a great return on investment. With a QA apprentice you have the opportunity to grow your own talent – taking bright, enthusiastic young people from your local area and training them in the specific skills your business needs – whilst they become loyal, valuable employees.

Designed to meet the needs of employers and school leavers, our Business Advanced Modern Apprenticeship fully prepares apprentices for a career in business administration.

As part of their programme apprentices will complete:

10 – 12 months duration. Assessor contact every 5 weeks, rotating between remote and face to face visits to support work based learning and assignments.

Mandatory Units

  • Plan how to manage and improve on own performance in a business environment
  • Review and maintain work in a business environment
  • Communicate in a business environment

Level 6 (suggested)

  • Use office equipment
  • Support other people to work in a business environment
  • Design and produce documents in a business environment
  • Analyse and report data
  • Solve business problems

Plus one optional unit

  • Plan and organise meetings
  • Supervise an office facility
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Manage budgets
  • Organise and coordinate events

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