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Following ITV's acquisition of GMTV, the commercial television network turned to QA to ensure all its employees had a consistent understanding of Oracle E-Business suite: a core toolset for many of ITV's business processes.

The Challenge

ITV operates Oracle E-Business Suite across its workforce. This software offers a centralised application for handling the purchase of goods and services, and controlling budgets and expenses.

When ITV acquired GMTV, the integrated workforce was unfamiliar with the E-Business software. As a critical toolset for all employees, ITV called in QA to develop and deliver two streams of E-Business training:

  • Stream one gave individuals unfamiliar with the applications the knowledge they needed to use the software in their day-to-day roles
  • Stream two was an abridged course to consolidate the existing knowledge of ITV's pre-acquisition workforce

The two training streams were designed to ensure that all employees, regardless of origin, harnessed the necessary functionality of the software, ensuring consistent processes and use of the applications.

Our new employees needed training on E-Business and we chose QA to deliver this.

Caroline White

Training and Comms Manager | ITV plc

The Solution

Development of the solution began with the appointment of an experienced QA Project Manager, who liaised with ITV's Business Service Centre to scope and design a high level project plan. The Project Manager then identified the relevant subject matter experts (SMEs) in QA, who visited ITV's premises to familiarise themselves with the existing systems and processes around the software applications.

Using this knowledge, the SMEs could then develop the first stream of training, which focused on giving users unfamiliar with the software the knowledge they needed for their roles.

As different functions of the software were used by different groups within ITV, QA developed five separate modules covering different aspects of the software. Individuals were enrolled on combinations of modules relevant to their use of the applications, rather than the entire suite, reducing the time spent away from their day to day roles. For example, those in procurement roles would attend an 'Introduction' module followed by a 'Procurement' module, whereas those who would solely use the software to log their expenses were required to complete the introductory session, followed by a 'Basic Expenses' module. This stream of training was mandatory for all newly acquired staff during the acquisition.

The second stream of training was aimed at users who had some existing experience of the software but wished to refresh their knowledge. As such, this training was run on a voluntary basis. For these users, QA refined the stream one content into two courses: an introductory course covering the basic functions of the E-Business Suite, and a more advanced course for users whose roles relied more heavily on the software.

Alongside both deliveries of user training, QA also ran Train-the Trainer courses to prepare ITV's internal trainers to deliver both streams of E-Business training in-house in the future.

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ITV also focuses on delivering its content across multiple platforms including ITV Studios produces and sells programmes and formats in the UK and worldwide, as well as home entertainment, publishing, merchandising and licensing services.

The Outcome

Since delivery of the training, ITV has observed that a greater number of individuals are completing E-Business processes correctly.

Delegate satisfaction ratings from both streams of training were positive, returning figures of 97.3% for the first stream, and 97.9% for the second (these figures include delegates who indicated they were either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the training).

ITV's Business Service Centre has experienced improved KPIs since the training delivery and has acknowledged that the training may have contributed to this trend.

We have a very good relationship with QA. The Project Manager kept me up to date on all progress and we were well looked after.

Caroline White

Training and Comms Manager | ITV plc

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