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When de Poel made senior role appointments to support the strategic development and operations of the business, it identified an opportunity to invest in preparing others for future leadership roles. de Poel worked with QA to develop their very own Emerging Leaders Development Programme.

The Challenge

With a strong belief that its employees are an invaluable asset in successfully reaching its longer term organisational goals, de Poel wanted to harness the talent that existed in the organisation.

de Poel committed to identifying those employees with the desire and potential to be their leaders of the future, and investing in their professional development.

Without pre-determining who would work towards which specific future leadership role, this would develop leadership capability and maturity in readiness for future positions and ideally build loyalty. It would create a new tier of people operating in a more strategic way who are familiar with working collaboratively across the business, and with greater business acumen.

It also provides role models for other aspiring leaders, and demonstrates talent will be valued and rewarded within de Poel.

I learnt a lot of new working methodologies which I have implemented in my current role as well as revisiting areas I was already familiar with. It worked as a vehicle to allow me to understand how I could put these into practice in my current position.


The Solution

de Poel wanted to draw on QA’s expertise in terms of talent development, while at the same time delivering a programme that would meet the specific needs of their business.

QA and de Poel worked together to design a programme which:

  • Raised self-awareness for a strong foundation for development
  • Provided best practice insights and contemporary models which learners could identify with
  • Provided a common language for peer-peer support during the development journey
  • Enabled personal learning to differ where needed while at the core having the most important topics taught together
  • Created a group of emerging leaders used to learning together and working together
  • Delivered business outcomes as part of the programme

The programme therefore used a combination of PRISM Brain Mapping profiling, ongoing coaching, carefully selected training modules and business focussed activities to be implemented by the team during the programme.

We kick-started the programme validating the relationship and alignment between de Poel’s senior team and QA’s learning team, sending a strong message to learners regarding the collaboration to get this right.

de Poel

de Poel is the leading expert in temporary recruitment, acting as an intermediary between organisations and recruitment agencies to transform their clients’ staffing operations.

They help make changes to their client’s temporary staffing strategy that will truly benefit the organisation.

Their client base spans both the private and public sectors across areas as diverse as manufacturing, retail, logistics and waste management. de Poel has a managed spend of more than half a billion pounds a year and work with a thousand recruitment agencies.

Winner of the 2016 National Outsourcing Association Award for “Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing.”

The Outcome

The success of this programme is due to a fully rounded learner journey where QA and de Poel have dove-tailed learning activities, ensuring that learners are able to apply learning in the workplace and are empowered to have an impact on the business.

Feedback from the learners has been very positive, they particularly liked the use of a business coach to get 1:1 development time, as part of the overall programme.

The ‘Shaping de Poel’s Future’ module incorporated the following tangible business outputs:

  • Defining guidelines and standards for engaging with internal and external stakeholders
  • Recognising what outstanding customer service looks like at de Poel
  • Defining customer service standards and other core operating procedures
  • Outlining core leadership competencies and standards
  • Defining what ‘good’ looks like at de Poel

Following the event the group were to present their recommendations to the senior team who, following review, were working with the group to implement their recommendations.

The success of this programme has led to the decision to develop the next tier of talent.

Using a similar approach, altered to meet the specific needs at this next level, with additional element of an in-house Mentor, from the original cohort.

de Poel is a fast moving business and we were aware of the need to ensure a pipeline of leadership capability. We were keen to demonstrate a commitment to our talent and to investing in their development.

Sarah Marrow

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